Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Week02nd – 06th December 2019

Sports week was conducted from 2nd December - 6th December during which various fun games like tricycle race, banana race, lemon race etc. were organized for our tiny tots. Outdoor activities in the Sun were enjoyed by our little ones. The children dressed up as their favourite sports personality and were very confident while delivering their lines. These activities taught the children team play, coordination, awareness and sportsman spirit.

Sports Week11th – 15th February 2019

Children and sport– is a great combination. Playing sport helps children build healthy minds and bodies. It develops team spirit, friendships, and fair play, self-esteem and life skills. Sport can give a child the chance to learn about being part of a team, winning well, bouncing back from a loss and coping with unpleasant experiences like injury. Sport also teaches children about how important it is to work hard, even if this doesn’t always mean winning. It is important to remember that the attitude and behaviour taught to children in sports carry over to adult life. In our endeavour to ensure fun coupled with learning, Sports Week was a combination of challenging and exhilarating activities for our little ones.

11th February, 2019, Monday- Lemon and Spoon Race- Pre School & Cycle RacePre-Primary - These races were conducted with the idea to improve the balance and motor coordination\
12th February, 2019, Tuesday- Cycle Race- Pre School &  Lemon and Spoon Race- Pre Primary – the activity strengthened the fine and gross motor skills.

13th February 2019, Wednesday- Banana Race-  Pre School and Pre Primary- This enhanced the alertness and speed in the children.
15th February 2019, Friday- *Lets Know Our Sports Stars & *Aerobics- Children came dressed as their favourite sports person and spoke a few lines about him/her. This enhanced the confidence level of the children and made them well aware of different sports personalities.