Workshops & Seminars

Workshop On Drama In Education A Report
June 29th 2019

“Good Teaching is 1/4th preparation and 3/4th Theatre.


According to the NCF 2005 by nature children are inventive. They dramatize without adult help and experiment with ideas. A workshop on Drama in education was conducted by Dr.(Mrs) Prabhjot Kulkarni (Former Principal of Maharishi Valmiki College of Education, D.U.) for the Pre- Primary and Primary Teachers on 29th June, 2019.

Various self- analytical and reflective exercise were done to understand the significance of self - awareness through Drama..... Body, Emotions and Mind. The workshop was designed to inspire teachers to think creatively, critically and collaboratively implementing these new approaches to teaching. It was designed to provide opportunity for participants to give voice to inner self through acting with increased morale, better team spirit and enhanced self-confidence.

To conclude one can say that the workshop was a very enriching experience for all the teachers. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt finer details of dramatics and how to incorporate them into their teaching methodologies.

Workshop On Meditation And Yogic Diet By Sh. Abodh Srivastava
June 28th 2019


TIME: 8:00am to 9:00am

Our mind is like water. When it is turbulent it’s difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear. When asked what he would gain from meditation, Buddha replied, “nothing”. However he added what he had lost …anger, anxiety, depression, fear of old age and death. With this essence our resource person for today Sh. Abodh Srivastava taught us the yogic way of meditation wherein positive vibrations run through your upper body as you chant the sound of A-U-M followed by the chanting of the mantras. He further explained the benefits of a simple, non spicy yogic diet and how it enhances one’s energy and helps to nurture positivity. It was indeed an enlightening experience which left us all determined to bring about major lifestyle changes.

‘Behaviour Modification In Class Room Settings – Training The Trainers’
Resource person: Dr. Imran Noorani
June 28th 2019

Behaviour modification has been applied widely in educational settings encompassing a wide range of student populations, ages, and areas of focus. Major contributions of behaviour modification include development and evaluation of a large number of techniques with extensive classroom research. As a direct consequence of technique development, behaviour modification has provided teachers with a selection of classroom practices and information regarding their use. A Workshop was conducted by Dr Imran Noorani a well-known Child and Adolescent psychologist for teachers of the Pre Primary and Primary Wing. Dr. Noorani primarily focussed on an instructional approach to behaviour modification. It was a truly enriching learning experience for teachers, teaching them to deal with children with learning and communicative disorders effectively, the main aim being to set up each student for success. The primary takeaway from the workshop was the strong belief that there are no bad students, only a bad environment, bad thinking , bad examples and bad training- all of which change in the hands of an effective, trained and sensitive educationist. Dr Noorani’s valuable inputs in managing behavioural challenges in the classroom situation was an effective training workshop for the teachers.