Admissions to Preschool, Class 1, Class IX, Class XI are open.
Visit to DPS Mathura Road by Sh. Manish Sisodia - Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi & Education Minister on 18 January 2021.
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Independence Day Assembly:

In celebration of the 75 years on Indian independence, DPS Mathura Road celebrated the Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav in its quintessential style on 12 August 2022. Paying a tribute to our heritage and the heroes who protected and protect it, the school choir rendered Raag Desh and Jain Jann Bharat written by Sumitra Nandan Pant. This was followed by the Dramatics Club presenting a skit exploring the meaning of the freedom that we fought for 75 years back and the freedom that we enjoy today. The atmosphere rang true with patriotic fervour as Diva Pant, a student of Class VIII, recited the poem ‘Atulya Bharat’, the which rendition won her the first position in an International Hindi Recitation competition beating students from 61 schools. The assembly progressed with the Dance Club’s soul-stirring performance, depicting the soul of a warrior woman who elevates herself through the dance of life. National Anthem brought the assembly to its conclusion.

Teachers’ Day Assembly:

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road held its Teacher’s Day Assembly in honour of the selfless service of the venerable teachers on 5 September, 2022. The proceedings for the day commenced with the lighting of the ceremonious lamp by our esteemed Principal – Ms. Reema Sharma; Vice Principals (Academics) – Ms. Inderjeet Kaur and Ms. Monica Sahni; Vice Principal (Administration) – Mr. Naveen Kumar; Head Mistress – Ms. Ranjana Dean and Senior Mitress – Ms. Roopa Arora. A heartfelt message and encouraging words of wisdom from our respected Principal marked the day with warmth and encouragement for our mentors. An exquisite performance by the talented school choir, a section of which paid tribute to the Indian legend, Ms. Lata Mangeshkar, was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. An electrifying guitar performance added more spark to the day. The event reached its prime with an ecclectic sufi and classical dance amalgamation and an invigorating western dance performance by our adroit dancers. Furthermore, the teachers were facilitated with tokens of appreciation from all students along with healthy and sparkling conversations with them afterwards.

Assembly Roster : 2019 - 2020

April 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
03/04/19 Wednesday XII A MPH 20 Mins
04/04/19 Thursday XII M MPH 20 Mins
09/04/19 Tuesday XII D MPH 20 Mins
10/04/19 Wednesday XII E MPH 20 Mins
11/04/19 Thursday XII J MPH 20 Mins
12/04/19 Friday XII G MPH 20 Mins
18/04/19 Thursday XII H MPH 20 Mins
23/04/19 Tuesday XII I MPH 20 Mins
24/04/19 Wednesday XII K MPH 20 Mins
25/04/19 Thursday XII C MPH 20 Mins
May 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
01/05/19 Wednesday XII L MPH 20Mins
02/05/19 Thursday XII B MPH 20 Mins
03/05/19 Friday X A MPH 20 Mins
08/05/19 Wednesday X B MPH 20 Mins
09/05/19 Thursday X C MPH 20 Mins
10/05/19 Friday X D MPH 20 Mins
14/05/19 Tentative Tuesday Academic Awards -
15/05/19 Wednesday X E MPH 20 Mins
16/05/19 Thursday X F MPH 20 Mins
July 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
9/07/19 Tuesday VI A MPH 20 Mins
10/07/19 Wednesday VI B MPH 20 Mins
11/07/19 Thursday VI C MPH 20 Mins
12/07/19 Friday VI D MPH 20 Mins
16/07/19 Tuesday VI E MPH 20Mins
17/07/19 Wednesday VI F MPH 20 Mins
18/07/19 Thursday VI G MPH 20 Mins
19/07/19 Friday VI H MPH 20 Mins
19/07/19 Friday Academic Awards -
Classes X and XII
23/07/19 Tuesday X G MPH 20 Mins
24/07/19 Wednesday X H MPH 20 Mins
25/07/19 Thursday X I MPH 20 Mins
31/07/19 Wednesday IX B MPH 20 Mins
August 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
01/08/19 Thursday XI A MPH 20 Mins
02/08/19 Friday IX C MPH 20 Mins
06/08/19 Tuesday XI B MPH 20 Mins
07/08/19 Wednesday IX D MPH 20 Mins
08/08/19 Thursday IX E MPH 20 Mins
09/08/19 Friday VII A MPH 20 Mins
13/08/19 Tuesday Independence Day Assembly Assembly Ground
14/08/19 Wednesday VII B MPH 20 Mins
17/08/19 Saturday Academic awards Class VII
20/08/19 Tuesday XI C MPH 20 Mins
21/08/19 Wednesday VII C MPH 20 Mins
22/08/19 Thursday VII D MPH 20 Mins
23/08/19 Friday XI D MPH 20 Mins
27/08/19 Tuesday XI E MPH 20 Mins
28/08/19 Wednesday VII E MPH 20 Mins
29/08/19 Thursday VII F MPH 20 Mins
30/08/19 Friday VII G MPH 20 Mins
September 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
05/09/19 Thursday Teachers’ Day Assembly Assembly Ground
25/09/19 Wednesday VII H MPH 20 Mins
26/09/19 Thursday VIII A MPH 20 Mins
27/09/19 Friday XI F MPH 20 Mins
October 2019
01/10/19 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti
Assembly Ground
03/10/19 Thursday VIII B MPH 20 Mins
04/10/19 Friday VIII C MPH 20 Mins
09/10/19 Wednesday VIII D MPH 20 Mins
10/10/19 Thursday VIII E MPH 20 Mins
11/10/19 Friday VIII F MPH 20 Mins
16/10/19 Wednesday XI G MPH 20 Mins
18/10/19 Friday XI H MPH 20 Mins
22/10/2019 Tuesday Academic Awards -
XI and XII(alumni)
23/10/19 Wednesday XI I MPH 20 Mins
24/10/19 Thursday XI J MPH 20 Mins
November 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
05/11/19 Tuesday IX F MPH 20 Mins
06/11/19 Wednesday IX G MPH 20 Mins
07/11/19 Thursday IX H MPH 20 Mins
08/11/19 Friday IX I MPH 20 Mins
14/11/19 Thursday Childrens’ Day Assembly Assembly Ground
15/11/19 Friday VIII G MPH 20 Mins
20/11/19 Wednesday VIII H MPH 20 Mins
21/11/19 Thursday XI K MPH 20 Mins
22/11/19 Friday XI L MPH 20 Mins
27/11/19 Wednesday XI M MPH 20 Mins
December 2019
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
30/12/19 Monday Farewell
Class XII
January 2020
Date Day Venue Home Room Pd. Duration
24/01/20 Friday Republic Day Assembly Assembly Ground