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Co-Curricular Activities

Role Play Competition

‘Children are great imitators,
Give them something to imitate’
Keeping this in mind, a Role Play Competition based on the theme of ‘different character’s of Ramayana’ like Ravan, Kekai, Bharat, Hanuman etc. was organised on 19th April,2018 for the Students of class VI in the MPH. The objective of this competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the little ones. Enthusiastic participants from all sections adorned the stage with their colourful dresses and mesmerizing monologues.


  • Nitya     (VI-F)   - 1st   Position
  • Trishaan Chowdhry   (VI-E)  -  2nd Position
  • Khanak  (VI-B) – 3rd Position
  • Aureya Saraf  (VI-A) – Consolation
  • Amlan (VI-H) – Consolation

Judges – Dr. (Mrs.) Ashish Vashisth, Ms. Mamta Sharma
Total participants- 16

Poem Recitation Competition

Reading through books is not the only medium of learning but fun filled activities and competition enhances the learning process. Keeping this in mind a Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was organized for class VII in the MPH on 25/04/2018 during 5th to 7th period.
Topics- Deshprem ,Pyari Dadi , Pradushan, Jal hi jeevan hai.


  • Abhishek Mandal  - (VII-A)   - 1st   Position
  • Ashish Sain  (VII-A)  -  2nd Position
  • Liba Razi, Ishita Jain-  (VII-H),(VII-B) – 3rd Position
  • Gaurangi  (VII-B) – Consolation
  • Dhruva Vaid (VII-F) – Consolation

Judges – Mrs. Rashmi Bhardwaj,  Ms. Mamta Sharma
Total participants- 24

Report on Springdales

Our school participated in Inter-School Multimedia competition organized by Sprindales School, Pusa Road on 26th April 2018 under its Africa week celebrations which is held in their school each year. 20 Schools participated in the Multi-media power point presentation competition and the topics provided were related to the current scenario in Africa. The presentation was to be followed by a live speech by the participants. Mridul Poojary and Sarthak Grover of class 12 D participated in the same from our school.
Our school bagged the third position in the competition. Our students were awarded with a certificate of merit, cash voucher worth Rs 600 and participation certificates.
The competition ended with a speech by the secretary of the South African embassy, who was the chief guest for the day.

Report on DAV School Competition

The following students of our school participated in HASH 6.0, an Inter school Computer competition organized by Darbari Lal DAV Model School Shalimar Bagh on 27th April 2018.

  • Madhav Walia and Abhik Sarkar Basu of 11th A, bagged the 2nd prize in the senior quiz competition (QUIZ-WHIZ).
  • Sheikh Aman of class 11th F, qualified for the second final in the photography competition (PHOTOCALL) and ranked 4th out of 28 schools.
  • Sauhard Jain of class 10th B and Areeb Mansoor of class 10th C, participated in the surprise event (FLABBERGAST).
  • Sauhard Jain of class 10th B and Arsh Arora of class 11th A participated in Digital Imaging (GRAPHICS TRICKS) and submitted the prelims.

Envirnoment Day

Spanish Day

Heritage Day

Pariksha Pe Charcha

Games and Sports form an integral part of school curriculum. It is our constant endeavor to involve more and more students to take part in various games.

The school has the proper facilities for the following disciplines:
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Squash

Swimming Pool:- We have three swimming pool i.e. main pool, learners’ pool and wading pool for tiny tots.

Fitness Center:- Our fitness center is well equipped with latest fitness equipments.

Yoga:- We have yoga period for every class to teach mental relaxation, good health and to develop good personality. Encouraged by the positive response to the value education classes, held in school since last three years, in instilling moral values in our students, the school is organising yoga/meditation classes. We have three swimming pool i.e. main pool, learners’ pool and wading pool for tiny tots.

It is our aim to develop the qualities of healthy competition sportsmanship, character building and physical fitness. Inter class competition are conducted for boys and girls where we spot out talented children who could be taken in to hands for intensive coaching to prepare them for inter school state level and national level competition.
Every year scores of students get the opportunity to play at state and national level tournaments. We give due recognition to our players who achieved at state, national and international level.

The awards are

Sports Blazer:- We award sports blazer and monetary award for international participation and position at national level.

Sports Badges:- For position at state level, IPSC, All India Inter DPS competition and participation at national level (monetary awards).

Our school provides special coaching after school hours in various disciplines under the guidance of expert coaches free of cost.
The school provides facilities for all games. To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, Inter-Class competitions are held in all available games for senior and junior boys and girls each year. Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum. Swimming starts at the age of four for all. One major team game is a compulsory part of curriculum from classes VI to X. Special scholarship and tuition facilities are provided to sportsmen.
Scores of students have played at State and National levels. The school provides facilities for specialized coaching in various games. The popular games played in the school are hockey, football, cricket, badminton, basket-ball, throw ball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, judo, wrestling, softball, squash and tennis. Three swimming pools are open to all children by turn.

Educational Trips and Tours
Duration Category Open to Classes
Summer Vacation Camping and Adventure VI-XII
Winter Break Camping and Adventure & De-Stress Camping VI-XI

Adventure Activities:-Trekking, mountaineering, camping, rock climbing etc. are regular activities for our boys and girls. These are organized regularly in association with reputed world class travel agencies, irrespective of the charges, for imparting hands on knowledge to the students.

Yoga:-The school accepts and acknowledges the multi-dimensional advantages of Yoga and meditation. It has been absorbed into the weekly time-table schedule. Classes are conducted under the guidance of a trained Yoga teacher.

Self Defense:-Self defense classes have been introduced for girls of all classes from VI - XI during their Physical Education periods. These classes enhance their self confidence, balance and coordination.

Chess:-Students of class’s I-IX are encouraged to play chess during their Physical Education periods – to chisel their logical thinking, concentration and to foster a healthy competitive spirit.

Socially Useful Productive Work:-Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) has been included in the curriculum as a compulsory subject for classes VI -X under the CCE Programme. It is compulsory for every student to put in the specified number of work hours to clear this subject for the Secondary Examination of the CBSE. Introduction of SUPW in the curriculum inculcates proper interest, attitudes and values among the students.

Student Body:-Social leadership and responsibility are best learnt through active participation. A number of student appointments, selected after a careful scrutiny of their school records are entrusted with various responsibilities and share the task of maintaining decorum in the school. Senior student appointments meet the Principal and Vice Principal periodically. The junior wing has a similar system of student appointments.

Prefectorial Body:-A number of Clubs/Societies related to a variety of areas like environment, sports, economics, debate, publication, art, music, social work form an integral part of co-curricular activity in school. Each Club/ Society has only a selected group of students appointed from class XII since they are board examinees. The remaining Appointments will be chosen from class XI. The senior most appointments are the Head Boy and Head Girl under whose guidance the various groups perform their respective duties. Sports occupies a significant position and the sports appointments are important in promoting the spirit of sportsmanship.

This Prefectorial Body comprising nearly 65 members gets selected through an impartial, democratic process. It is voluntary and the selection procedure involves a detailed round of group discussion, 3 interview rounds and even a psychoanalysis test supervised by a group of Faculty members- the Appointment- in-charge and Heads of Departments. In the final round the short listed candidates are interviewed by the Principal. Once selected, the appointments are guided and supervised by faculty members appointed to their specific Club/Society. The ultimate aim is to give interested students the experience of working and managing a small group with specific objectives, thus shaping and honing leadership qualities which will hold them in good stead in the future.

Students' Bulletin:-To encourage creative expression, children with a fl air for writing are given an opportunity to contribute articles and sketches for the Annual Magazine or the e-newsletter.

Parent-Teacher Association:-P.T.A meetings are held after every two months to give an opportunity to the parent reps. and teachers to meet and discuss the progress of the children. The P.T.A has opened a Benevolent Fund to help and educate children who unfortunately lose their earning parent while they are still studying in the school. This gesture has been greatly appreciated by young widows / single parent / financially low income families who would otherwise find it difficult to educate their children at DPS. Women, who unfortunately fall a victim to these circumstances, should apply every year to the Principal and Secretary, P.T.A for exemption of tuition fee for their children.

Library:-Students must carry a library card duly signed by the Librarian. Books are issued only against this card. Students of classes VI to XII are issued one borrower’s ticket against which they can get 2 books issued for a fortnight. Reference books, periodicals, journals, magazines are issued overnight. Books marked, disfi gured or damaged, will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower. The Library has an open shelf system and students must help to maintain order and organization in the different shelves. They must put the books back on the respective shelves after consultation, and not just anywhere. Personal belongings, pens, pencils etc. are strictly forbidden inside the library.

SMS:-Under the new ERP System, the school avails of the SMS facility to keep the parents informed about their ward’s performance, behavior, attendance, upcoming tests and appreciation of their child’s outstanding performance. Revision Assignments, HOTS, Pre weekly test assignments are uploaded regularly on the ERP and parents are informed through SMS.

Clubs & Societies

The Environment Council:-Environment-protection, promotion and conservation has been included as a mandatory subject in the school curriculum. Students from Classes VI-IX have been offered this subject as an activity. Classes IX-XII are involved in various environmental activities through different projects. The concerns of the Council are multifarious like tree plantation, anti-cracker campaign, air and water monitoring, vermi composting, solid waste management, cleaning of water bodies especially river Yamuna, protection of built and natural heritage and other related activities. The Environment Council celebrates various important 'days' given by the United Nations and the calendar provided by the Environment in Education Cultural Council, D.P.S. Society. It not only works at enhancing the school environment but extends its work towards awakening and solving community concerns.

Senior Citizens ProgrammeDelhi Public School, Mathura Road is the pioneer school in launching the Senior Citizens' Welfare Programme. This programme has been started by Delhi Public School Society in association with Delhi Police. The Senior Citizen Welfare Programme has a number of objectives. It aims at providing a lifeline to our senior citizens, from protecting their basic physical safety to nourishing their emotional needs. Our students forge strong paternal ties with them through regular visits and share with them their enthusiasm and zest for living. In return, the senior citizens share with the children their experiences, love and vision.

Jagriti - The Consumer Club:-DPS Mathura Road has launched the Consumer Club - Jagriti - under the aegis of EECC. DPS, Society, in association with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Central Govt. The Club aims to generate consumer awareness and protect the consumers from being duped by the callousness of some irresponsible people. The Club educates the consumers about their rights and duties and tries to infuse confidence in them to fight against the violation of their basic rights.

Social Service Activities:-A number of social work programmes are carried out under the aegis of DPS Society. "I am"- Integrated personality development programme focuses on all-round development of child equipping him/her with life skills.

Jagrit- HIV Aids awareness programme.:-"Growing Up Equal"- Focuses on creating awareness of gender equality and rights of girl child. Other activities include, "Adolescent Health Awareness" programmes like growing up and sexual education, Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Drug Abuse awareness, Obesity and Health care and Stress management. It includes special provisions for Dyslexics and Hyperactive (Attention Deficit Disorder) children. Visits are arranged to SOS children's villages, Blind school, Old Age homes, Cheshire home and Cancer hospitals. Students are also involved in media literacy projects, fund raising and peace projects.

Warp-The Computer Club:-Warp, We are Radical Professionals is the official Computer Club of our school. This club was started in the year 1995, by a group of 5 students who were eager to compete against other schools and excel in the (then) fledgling field of computer sciences. The students enjoyed spectacular successes competing against hundreds of schools all over Delhi. In 1998, Warp held a computer symposium inviting students from all over Delhi and NCR to participate in events ranging from Group Discussions and Quizzes based on technology, to hard core programming and web development. What started out as a minor feature during the school's Talent Fiesta, has now expanded to one of the most eagerly anticipated and most innovative computer symposiums of those hosted by schools over Delhi.

Every year, Warp recruits more members into its fraternity, through a rigorous testing process, that we like to call The Warp Talent Hunt. The test comprises first of a general quiz on technology, after which the student specifies which vertical he/she would like to represent the school in. The student then gives a practical test, to prove his technical skills in that vertical. All the students that pass the first two tests are subjected to an interview. While cumbersome, these tests enable us to limit our numbers to an elite few people who are truly passionate about technology, led by a core team of teachers and students.

Multiple times a year, the club organizes workshops to elevate the general technical awareness of students of the school, where experienced industry experts and senior Warp members, help students pick up skills that they find interesting. Every year Warp holds an Inter School Computer Symposium with a variety of events, providing tough challenges to all the participants.

Warp is committed to bringing out computing excellence amongst both its own members and its peers. It intends to continue to do so.

Godhuli:- DPS Mathura Road has launched the Consumer Club - Jagriti - under the aegis of EECC. DPS, Society, in association with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Central Govt. The Club aims to generate consumer awareness and protect the consumers from being duped by the callousness of some irresponsible people. The Club educates the consumers about their rights and duties and tries to infuse confidence in them to fight against the violation of their basic rights.

Report On Vigyan Bhavan

On 12th April 2016, 34 students accompanied by two teachers, Ms Seema Misra and Ms Priyanka Bhattacharya were invited to attend the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference at Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi

The Chief Guest of the event was the honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The programme began with the welcome address
By the minister of Environment,Forest and Climate Change,Shri Prakash Javadekar who highlighted on the importance of conservation of Tigers and the initiatives taken up by the Union Government to protect the national animal of India.The most remarkable point was the increase in budget allocation for Tiger Conservation. He also shared with the students the good news about the improvement in Tiger count. In 2014,the count was 2226 and now in the year 2016 it is 2500. Next Mr Yeshey Dorji,Chairman of Global Tiger Forum and Minister of Environment of Bhutan told us about the steps taken by the Bhutan Government for increasing the Tiger Count.
His speech was followed by an award function where the PM awarded the directors of various tiger reserves in recognition of their initiatives taken for tiger conservation
Mr Narendra Modi began his speech highlighting the religious and scientific importance of this majestic animal in our country. He motivated the students to take care of this important species of the eco system. He emphasized that conservation of tigers is not a choice but an imperative and moral responsibility of all nations
The evening ended with the presentation of a memento which was a painting of a tiger to the PM. The students got valuable insights into Project Tiger Conservation and realized the importance of this initiative.
Submitted by
Ms Seema Mishra and Ms Priyanka Bhattacharya


AMALA CHATTERJEE DEBATE 2016:-“The aim of argument and discussion should not be victory but progress”
The Debating Society of DPS Mathura Road organized the 42nd Inter-School Amala Chatterjee English Memorial Debate for Class VIII and IX on 5 May 2016 on the motion ‘Peer Group Influence – More Productive Than Destructive’
The debate commenced with the Lighting of the Lamp by Principal, Shri Manohar Lal, Vice Principals, Ms. Deeksha Khera and Ms. Asha Tuli and the distinguished guests. Shri Manohar Lal, Principal DPS Mathura Road, welcomed the guests and in his address paid tribute to Amala Chatterjee, former student of DPS Mathura Road, honoring her as a symbol of inner grit and determination essential in the making of a Dipsite.
Mr. Mohammad Irfan Sheikh a known personality in the field of Televison Journalism; Dr.Rajalaxmi Rath, a distinguished UGC Professor in the Nehru Memorial Museum who wrote two books which gave her national recognition and Ms. Kunjal Sehgal a chartered accountant by profession and also the founder of Adhiyagya; served as the honorable judges for the debate.
The young debaters showed excellent poise, advocating on many points of utmost importance. In her address, Vice Principal, Ms. Asha Tuli complimented all the participants for their confidence. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mohammad Irfan Sheikh said that the need of the hour is spiritual renaissance and reiterated the importance of soul. While Dr. Rajalaxmi Rath saw the winner in each participant by saying “Don’t go back disheartened.” Ms. Kunjal Sehgal emphasized on the importance of getting quality education.
Whilst everyone was brilliant, there has to be a winner and loser, and so Shiuli Sural from DPS Vasant Kunj was adjudged the best speaker while Arshia Bhatnagar and Anya Ahuja from Modern School Vasant Vihar bagged the second and third position respectively and also received the Rolling Trophy. While the best interjector for the day was Vansh Chugh from DPS Mathura Road.
The event culminated with the gathering standing up for the national anthem.