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Report On Japan Trip

The adventure of this program started on 17 June 2016 from the IndiraGandhi International Airport when all of us reached arrived there forcatching our Flight for Tokyo, Japan. At the Airport students from allthree schools DPS, R.K.Puram;DPS, Dwarka and DPS Mathura Road were present and none of us knew each other (except theones from our school).
We landed in Tokyo around 9 in the morning of 18 June 2016 , fromtheir directly we headed towards Diver City Plaza, Tokyo where we allhad lunch and saw Gundam, the extra large sized statue of a Robot.From there we went towards the Museum of Emerging Science andInnovation ( Miraikan) where we saw many models that showed theprinciples and working of science, there we also saw Asimo, the veryfirst human sized Andro-humanoid Robot which was developed by HondaMotors.
Then we checked in into our hotel at around 4 in the evening andrested for a while and then went to see the marvelousAsakusatemple and saw the beautiful architecture and culture of theJapanese. Then after dinner at around 6, we all went for a walk in thestreets of Tokyo and then went to our rooms early due to thepacked schedule the next day.
On day 2 ,by now all of us (the students) had got mixed well witheach other, after an early breakfast we all left for the Edo-TokyoMuseum where we saw the fantastic past of Tokyo, the Edo period andalso got to know about the transformation of Edo to Tokyo.From there we went to Akihabara, the electronic capital of Tokyo fromwhere majority of us bought electronics like speakers, watches,headphones etc. for ourselves or our family. Then after lunch at thesame place we headed towards the National Museum of Nature and Sciencewhere we explored many things about science through videos and workingmodels. It was the best part of the Tokyo days. Then we all left forour hotel for ending our day.
On the 3rd day we left for Kyoto leaving Tokyo by the famous JR Bullet Train.We reached Kyoto station at around 12:30 in the noon after a two hourtrain journey.
From the station we left for the University Campus by bus where we hadan orientation of about an hour followed by the campus tour and endingour day by dinning at the university cafeteria and retiring to ourhostel rooms. The hostel rooms were shared by 3 students, which alsogave us an experience of the hostel life.
On the next day (day4) we had around three lectures about the coursesoffered by the university and we also saw the works of the studentsthere. These all gave us an idea that the future of technology in thiscountry is fast growing.
On day 5 we had a Mini Project Based Learning class of around twohours by Professor Piutmarta, in which we had hands on learningexperience with the raspberry pies' , arduinos' and many more suchgadgets. After the session we left the campus for visit to the Kyotocity where we saw the Kyoto Tower and also went to the top of theKyoto Tower to see the city of Kyoto from the sky high observationdeck. After that we all went to the shop in the lower part of thetower from where we all bought souvenir for our families.We also went to see a textile industry of Japan where we saw themaking of traditional textiles and I got to know that majority of theJapanese culture and tradition was inspired by Indian culture.This day told us about the environment, culture and urban life of thecountry of Japan.
On Day 6 we again after the breakfast we had our Mini Project BasedLearning class in which we learnt about programming the Arduino boardand made different types of gadgets using them like temperaturesensors, L.E.D. board displays and games.After the class we went to visit the city of Osaka. In Osaka we wentto the Lab known as Knowledge Capital, there we saw and observed thetechnological advancement of Japan and the world. There we learntthat how can the existing technology be used to create futuristicgadgets and equipments. In that area we also experienced a virtualreality show presented by Samsung.On this day we learnt a lot about computer programming and howtechnology can be perfectly used.
On Day 7 we presented self-made gadgets that we made in the pasttwo days and also learnt how can they be made better with minutechanges.This day we had many new experiences on how can minute changes makebig differences. After our class we had our farewell party in anIndian Restaurant.
On day 8 i.e. 25 June 2016 we headed back to Delhi, and our trip finallyand unwillingly ended.
In all we made many new friends and also learnt a lot in these 8 daysnot only about science but also about Japanese culture and people.
I on behalf of all three students accompanying me want to express my heartfelt thanks to the School authorities of giving me this opportunity to have a learning inspiring life long experience MuktaMidha
PGT (Chemistry)
DPS, Mathura Road
New Delhi


TANMAY NATH, student of class 12th was selected as a national finalist and was awarded a silver medal for his remarkable contribution to the community. His contributions include empowerment of women and aged people, and his devotion towards environmental causes is worth accolade.
Ishita Gupta of class 12th was awarded a bronze medal for creating awareness on Missing Children by making a movie and uploading it on Youtube, the movie received over 9,000 views.
Vidhi Malik, Anushka Mathur, Anshika Saxena and Tanvi Jain of class 11th were awarded bronze medals for their active participation in the Environment council and creating awareness on Environmental issues.

DPS Mathura Road students become National Champions in Karate Aahana Moda (III-B) and Vivaan Moda (Nursery-E)
National Championship for Karate (Martial Arts) was conducted in Ranikhet (Uttarakhand) on April 8-10, 2016 More than 100 contestants shortlisted from states across India participated
Both Aahana Moda (III-B) and Vivaan Moda (Nursery-E) won GOLD MEDAL in their respective age groups with flying colors
As a result, Aahana and Vivaan were crowned:
“National Champions in Karate”

DPS Mathura Road students participated in various competitions like Grafitti, Bookmark, Quiz in German Language festival-Namastey Deutschland at DPS Rohini and we won First prize in Quiz Competition.

DPS Mathura Road participated in French Language Festival, titled ‘Postcard from Paris- 2015’ at DPS Rohini on 16th October 2015, and we won the 1st prize in Quiz Competition.


BY NIIT University, Neemrana (Raj.)-TALF-ITIHAAS

Youth and Leadership Camp was organized by the ITIHAAS and TALF group in collaboration with NIIT University, Neemrana. It took place on the campus of NIIT University at Neemrana and continued for 3 days, from 23rd October 2015 to 25th October 2015.

DPS Mathura Road was one among the top 10 schools that participated in this prestigious gathering: Scindia School, Doon School, Mayo College Girls’ School, Mayo College Boys’ School, M.G.D. School, Ecole Global School, and Vasant Valley School.

A team of 6 class XI students lead by Mrs. Chanchal Gurwara represented DPS Mathura Road. Their names are:

  • Bhoomika Malhotra(XI-B)
  • Pahul Kaur(XI-G)
  • Mehvish(XI-L)
  • Insha Waziri(XI-M)
  • Saumya Dhyani(XI-L)
  • Nandenie Gupta(XI-L)

The students stayed at the NIIT University Campus for the duration of the workshop. This was critically advantageous in preparing the students for their higher studies as well as imbibing in them a sense of independence. The NIIT University campus proved to be opulently eco-friendly with various undertakings aimed at maintaining a sustainable, green environment, such as Water Recycling, an EAT (Earth Air Tunnel) Ventilation System and Smart Structuring, etc. This added to the students’ learning experience in regard to the importance of sustainability and their sense of responsibility towards the country as citizens.
Enriching ballads of the Indian Heritage were passed on to the students via visits to the remarkable Neemrana Fort and the Rajkumari’s Bowli. Along with these visits, the students embarked upon adventures like trekking, valley crossing and tree plantation drives. The students were divided into groups to enable interaction with each other and they were assigned various tasks like presentations, musical performances, art and craft to be performed in these particular groups to hone their leadership skills. Overall, the experience was extremely engaging and sensitized the students to Indian culture and the value of sustainability while molding young students into the leaders of tomorrow.
Prof. Rajendra K.Pandey (V.C. of NIIT University) and Retd. Maj. Gen. A.K. Singh (Dean, NIIT University) were kind enough to share their knowledge with students through their very informative speeches.
In the culminating competition and overall performance, DPS Mathura Road victoriously bagged 2 out of 3 positions:

  • 1st Prize - Pahul Kaur(XI-G) & Nandenie Gupta(XI-L)
  • 3rd Prize - Mehvish(XI-L) & Saumya Dhyani(XI-L)
  • Mrs. Chanchal Gurwara was given the Best Teacher Award.

We are very thankful to the DPS Society, the principal, Vice – Principal and Mrs Neetu Bakshi for giving us this opportunity.