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Yet another physical and muscle strengthening drill for the students was initiated by the able P.E. staff of the primary wing.

Hurdle race is a form of athletics wherein the participants jump over the hurdles that have been prepared. The height of the hurdles is adjusted as per the participant’s ability. Hurdles is said to be the most difficult type of running since it involves the ability to generate the strength of our muscles and the knowledge of integrating the speed.

Our students enthusiastically participated in the race and could easily jump over these hurdles. This race would definitely add up to the physical health of our students. It would not only help students to gain height but at the same time would strengthen their muscles. Hurdle race would help in developing the balance and coordination of the body and will increase a student’s flexibility, range of motion, and core strength.

From now onwards, this would be integrated in our dynamic physical routine and students would be encouraged to participate in the race frequently.

HAPPY FEET-II, A DANCE FIESTA (6.2.2017 TO 8.2.2017)

Dance is the language that body speaks. It’s a beautiful form of art that helps one to express without saying a word. It rejuvenates our mind, body and soul. In a constant endeavour to bring about a holistic development of the children under our care, we at DPS Mathura Road, Primary Wing initiated HAPPY FEET, a ‘dance fiesta’ in the year 2015-16.This gives every child an opportunity to showcase his/ her talent. The sequel to the very successful and widely appreciated first season, HAPPY FEET-II is being organized from 6th Feb’17 to 8th Feb’17.



‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.’ - John Quincy Adams
The Junior Wing commenced the scholastic year,2016-’17,with pomp and aura of the Investiture Ceremony on 29th April,’16.This ceremony denotes investment in being leaders, and the trust and confidence we repose in our new torch bearers.
It began with the ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ by our Chief Guest,Honorable Justice Ms Mukta Gupta, in the presence of our esteemed Principal, Mr. Manohar Lal, Vice Principals, Ms Deeksha Khera and Ms Asha Tuli, Headmistress Ms Anju Sharma and Senior Mistress, Ms Adarsh Ahuja.
Principal Sir formally welcomed the guests of the august gathering. This was followed by enthralling performances by the children.
The office bearers of the new Prefectorial body were invested ceremoniously, with the Chief Guest presenting badges and sashes to each member. They were then administered the Oath of Office, wherein they pledged to adhere to the values and principles upheld by the school. It was indeed a proud moment for all the parents present.
The Head Boy and Head Girl shared their thoughts on being bestowed with this esteemed responsibility, and their vision for the future. Justice Ms. Mukta Gupta, in her address, reminded the prefects to diligently shoulder the responsibilities that lay ahead, with dedication and devotion. She urged them to become role models and be infused with the spirit to create a positive influence on the students.
Headmistress, Ms Anju Sharma, rendered the Vote of Thanks.
The solemn occasion ended with the National Anthem.


Activity Report for the month of April, 2016

1st April, 2016 (Friday) – Assembly The new kids were welcomed to their class on the first day with an adorable teddy bear tag.
4th April, 2016 (Monday)- The Nursery babies were welcomed to the school with a teddy bear tag.

8th April, 2016 (Friday)- Hand Painting – An imprint of the child’s hand was taken by their class teachers for a precious memory record for the year book.
4th April, 2016 (Monday)- Marble Painting- The Pre-Primary children rolled painted marbles on a sheet of paper making different patterns.


22nd April, 2016 (Friday)- Earth Carnival – To bring awareness about protecting earths resources, the children came dressed to school in a green T-shirt, they brought one green balloon each and talked about their contribution in making Earth Green. These balloons were then hung in the class.
An activity with paper plates was done to remind them about ways to keep the Earth clean and green. An Assembly by the children of Pre-Primary E was conducted to emphasize the role each one of us plays to Reduce , Reuse And Recycle.


25th (Monday)-29th April, 2016 (Friday)- Story Telling Week – A fun filled week consisting of movie shows , activities and story narration with puppets with the children narrating their favourite stories.


Inauguration of the play station and the slide which are installed for the little ones in the pre-Primary block.

Activity Incharge
Senior Mistress