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Special Features of DPS Mathura Road

A Brief History of the School

Delhi Public School established in 1949, functioned from a few tents pitched on the ground cleared from the onslaught of brambles. Today, spread over an area of about 15 acres of lush, green lawns, in the heart of the city, Delhi Public School is a co-educational day-cum-boarding school. The foundation stone of the school building was laid in 1956 by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan the then Vice President of India. The impressive school building today comprises of workshops, laboratories, a computer centre, audio-visual lecture rooms, libraries, swimming pools, football and tennis courts, squash courts, clinic, stationery shop, the hostel and school canteen. Delhi Public School offers courses in Humanities, Commerce and Science. It prepares students for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Aims of Delhi Public School

It is the aim of Delhi Public School to provide the best possible education to its students. It’s primary aim is to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust,tolerance and compassion in the student, to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the student to become a meaningful part of his environment and to know that courage and industry have their due reward. Towards this end, the school endeavours to provide a large and dedicated teaching staff with a wide range of skills and interests, a varied and wide choice of activities-academic, aesthetic and athletic, an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge and competitiveness and discipline based on the belief that responsibility comes before freedom.

Special Features of DPS, Mathura Road

The school provides language programmes including French, Urdu, Spanish, Japanese, Sanskrit and German. Close liaison is maintained with the Cultural Departments of the Embassies of the respective countries.

The school has well equipped Computer Labs.

Students take keen interest in community service by collecting donations for the Red Cross, Leprosy Mission, Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and other noble causes.

Delhi Public School has a unique system of providing incentive and motivation to its bright students by awarding Merit Certificates, Scholar badges and Marker Cups.

The school’s ultramodern cafeteria serves wholesome nutritious food items along with ice-creams, fruit juices etc. on cash payment at fixed rates.

The school clinic is looked after by a resident doctor, a part time doctor, specialists oncall and trained nurses. A periodical medical check up is done of every student and a record is maintained.

Parents are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention. Resident nurses look after the health needs of the Boarders.

All school books and other articles of stationery can be purchased from the school bookstore.

The school uniform can be purchased from the school uniform shop.

We have Smart Classes in our school.

Social Service Activities

We work towards the upliftment of the economically weaker sections of the society as well as the physically challenged persons by purchasing articles made by them. We also help various NGOs in their ventures.

Patriotic fervor is at its best when students buy flags to honour our valiant armed forces..... ‘Flag Day’ is observed with full solemnity.

The Jawans of the Indian army are encouraged by the tiny, lovable gestures of our little ones, wherein they make cards, rakhies and various items and send it across to them.

Our children form a strong force and contribute in kind in times of natural calamities like Ladakh outburst etc.


Students are exposed to various co-curricular activities like self defense, dance, music, art and craft etc. It is our constant endeavour to bring every child on the stage to showcase his talent and enhance his confidence. Class assemblies are a step in this direction.

Sports and Games

The school provides facilities for all games, to encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina. Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum.


Children must have their tiffin packed neatly and given nutritious food which they enjoy. They must bring a clean napkin and water in a clean bottle. The school runs a canteen, serving hygienic and nutritious food items.

Student Body

Social leadership and responsibility are best learnt through active participation. Selected after a careful scrutiny of their school records, a number of student appointments are entrusted with various responsibilities and share the task of maintaining decorum in the school. The student appointments meet the Headmistress periodically.

Student’s Bulletins

To encourage creative expression, children with a flair for writing are given an opportunity to contribute articles and sketches for the Annual Magazine and the bulletin boards put up at every floor.

Parent-Teacher Association

P.T.A meetings give an opportunity to the parents and teachers to meet and discuss the progress of the children. The P.T.A has opened a Benevolent Fund to help and educate children who unfortunately lose their earning parent while they are still studying in the school. This gesture has been greatly appreciated by those who would otherwise find it difficult to educate their children in DPS. Parents who unfortunately fall a victim to these circumstances, should apply every year to the Principal and Secretary, P.T.A for exemption of tuition fee for their children.