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Mr. Manohar Lal - From June 2015 to Till Date

Shaping young minds is one of the most challenging as well as interesting tasks in the present times. Just a glimpse of the bright, sparkling eyes is enough to bring a smile to our faces. We wonder how we can help these young flowers bloom in this world, without ever robbing them of their smiles, and we constantly seek newer ways to ensure it.

Each child's future follows a different path and momentum. In order for them to succeed in the 21st century, we will need to provide them with an education that prepares them to be creative, compassionate and innovative adults. We as responsible educators take upon ourselves to create a stimulating environment where young minds are nurtured to blossom into intelligent, mature and enriched youth. Knowledge being the most democratic source of power, we must impart quality education to our young scholars who are key agents in the process of development and peace. We at DPS Mathura Road are committed towards preparing skilled, knowledgeable, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the industry and society.

We aspire for our students to cultivate a life-long passion for learning and will step into a world which would be shaped by their dreams and contributions, and bettered by their zeal and integrity.

Mr. M.I. Hussain - From December 1998 to June 2015

The youthful zest, endeavor and commitment of Mr. M.I. Hussain has taken the school to yet greater heights. The old traditions have continued but given new shape. A fresh impetus has been given to all spheres of school life to keep up with the times from improvement in academic standards, physical fitness, health, revamping of infrastructure, face-lift to the campus, concern for the marginalized.
His fine eye, for aesthetics, and concern for the environment has lent special charm to the campus. All activities wear a stamp of his cultural sensitivity. Under his dynamic leadership, the school has been moulded into an institution to reckon with.

Mr. K.N. Sardana - From August 1993 to October 1998

General Sardana was an educator from the Army Education Corps. He gave the school stability and a positive direction to meet the challenges of a changing society.
Discipline in the school was impeccable during his reign.
Annual Days became a regular feature of the school. These included productions like “Grease”, “A mid summer night's dream”, “Bandhan Mukti ka”, “Raah-de-Radhe”.
Ulka Kelker (Head Girl – '95) states: “My thoughts, attitudes, values, behavior, have all been moulded by the 11 years spent in DPS. Dipsites have excelled in the field of their choice. We are proud of our school.

Mr. R. D. Singh - From April 1992 to May 1993

A true gentlemen, Mr R.D Singh (April 92 – May 93) held the reins for a short period. He administered the school with grace. A warm person, he was very close to the students. He often preached the importance of strong Teacher-Student relationship. Though short, his tenure is remembered fondly by one and all.

Mrs. N.K. Kapur - From May 1985 to October 1988

Master of their subjects, both Mrs. Nirmala Kapur (May 1985-88) and Mr. S L Dhawan (Oct 88 – Oct 91) first headed their departments (Biology and History) respectively and then became the torchbearers of the school. They continued the hard work of their predecessors .Loyalty and Commitment towards the school were their key words.

Mr. S.L. Dhawan - From July 1989 to October 1991

It was under Mr. Dhawan that the dance drama 'Ek Mehkta Gulab' staged in 1989 ,the centenary year of Pt. Nehru was an affectionate tribute to him .It received wide acclaim.

Dr. G.P.S. Waraich - From January 1979 to May 1985

Mr. Din Dayal retired in 1979. Dr.GPS Waraich was trusted with the responsibility of keeping the DPS flag flying just as high, and he did his duty with excellence. Not only did he uphold the lofty traditions of this institution, under him, the school also made great progress in all spheres.
Dr. Waraich was an able and loved leader. With teachers like Dr.Tiwari, Mrs. Majumdar, Mr. Verma, Mr. Goel, Mr. Rampal Singh, Mr. Arya, Mrs. Nakra, Mrs. Subbarayan, Mr. Lobo, he took DPS to new heights.
Dr. Sanjay Chugh, Head Boy of '79 batch fondly recalls: School gave one love, warmth, a tremendous reservoir of self-confidence and self-esteem that prepared one to step out and face all challenges in life.
Mrs. D.Khera recalls that the determination of the principal and teachers made DPS a name to reckon with.
Lakshmy Iyer believes that the DPS Experience was a lot beside studies, It was about giving you individuality, giving you the courage to face the real world.

Mr. Din Dayal - From March 1962 to January 1979

Often described as “the most legendary principal the DPS clan has ever seen”, his dedication, paved the way for the exclusive, spiderweb community DPS enjoys today. Under his tutelage, the school witnessed immense growth, particularly with the creation of the Hostel Wing, whose foundation stone was laid by the renowned scholar Dr Tara Chand. Additionally, The Himalyan Hall, (The boarding, house mess) a place most of today's boarders do think so fondly off, was inaugurated by Lt Gen. Har Prasad. Shri Din Danyal organized regular “SHRAM-DAAN” on weekends, when students performed physical labor and helped voluntarily in the construction of the school swimming pool.
The commitment of Teachers like Ms. S. Sanyal, Dr. Vidya Topa, Mrs. Loemba, Mrs. N.Kapur, Mrs. M Baligu, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. S. Jeet, Mr.Rao, Mr. Kansal, Mrs.P.Krishnan, Mr. VK Varma, Mr. Rajinder Singh, went a long way in shaping what he thought DPS should be.
DPS's very own Alexander, he extended the reach of the DPS clan by forming DPS RK Puram in 72 and East of Kailash in 74.
His wish to expand the DPS family and to extend quality education to more children, led him to establish DPS RK Puram in 1972, and it's Junior wing at East Of Kailash in 1974.

Mr. K.C. Khanna - From 1952 to March 1962

A true educationist, Dr.K hanna created a 'sense of Purpose' at the very start. The staff and the children steadily increased in number. The school attracted the elite and even children from the diplomatic mission. The fact that the President Dr. Zakir Hussain sent his Grandson and Chester Bowles his children – speaks volumes of the school's reputation, though still in tents.
Dr K C Khanna acquired the present land on which the school stands today, and started the construction of the school building, the foundations of which were laid by Dr. S Radha Krishnan, the then Vice President in April 1956.
Besides academics, he focused on building well rounded individuals, promoting Theatre, Dance Productions and Debates. He personally staged multiple productions the most famous of which was Balwant Gargi's 'Kanak Di Bali' and organized a fund raising dance recital at Sapra House.

Mr. J.D. Tytler - From 1949 to 1952

Revd. J. D Tytler - it was his vision that pushed the fledgling from its nest , allowing it to take flight. Accompanied by a plethora of skilled educators, he laid the foundations of the spirit of self-less service and creativity that our school has diffused into the society, by founding New Delhi Church High School in 1941 with a handful of students (Suman Narain, The Pai Sisters ; Kanika, Sharda and Shanti, Nimmi Mehra, Anjali Shastri, Kamal Marwah, KK Sharma, Jonathan Kolet, Harry Mamak, Manju Khaneka and many more).
In 1947, the institution was rechristened Naveen Bharat School and shifted out of the church compound, moving instead to North Avenue. The new campus had a rocky graveyard, a few stunted trees and a few hillocks and the clinic was placed on one of those hillocks. However, it was on these hills that the school overcame the obstacles and began to fostered survival skills as a part of its curriculum.
Finally, by 1949 the school moved to it's present location had gained the status of a or rather The Public School, and hence gained the epithet that today has become, world renowned - The Delhi Public School.