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POCSO Committee

A “POCSO” committee consisting of following members has been constituted for ensuring a safe, secure and supportive environment for students who are the prime responsibility of every school:

  1. Sh. Manohar Lal - Principal
  2. Mrs. Deeksha Khera – Vice Principal (Academics)
  3. Mrs. Asha Tuli – Vice Principal (Administration)
  4. Mrs. Anju Sharma - Headmistress – Junior School
  5. Mr. Rajiv Sharma – TGT Geography - 1 Male teacher
  6. Master Aryan Dua – Class XI – 1 Male student
  7. Miss Riddhima Gupta – Class XI – 1 Female student
  8. Mrs. Nishata Khanna – 1 Member of Non teaching Staff

The committee will take immediate action on reported cases of misbehavior in the school premises on account of sexual offences.