Republic Day23rd January 2020

Class Pre School G

The tiny tots of Pre-School ‘G’ celebrated Republic day on 23 January 2020 with great pomp and show. The entire Pre Primary wing was soaked in hues of the tri colour. The little children spoke with a lot of confidence about the significance of the day. The festivities commenced on a musical note. The little cadets marched in contingents to the beat of a drum which reverberated everyone with feelings of patriotism. It was a complete fanfare of infotainment with a small enactment depicting beautifully the reason we celebrate this national day on 26th January every year. The assembly concluded with a dance performance on foot tapping songs - ‘Rang De Basanti’ & ‘India Walle’ which kept everyone present there spell-bound.

Children’s Assembly24th November 2019

Class – Pre Primary F

The children of Pre School - F presented the assembly on the much awaited festival of the winter season i.e, CHRISTMAS. Dressed in colorful costumes, they depicted a tableau on the birth of Lord Jesus explaining why and when the festival is celebrated. The little ones also made everyone aware of the importance of Christmas. The Assembly concluded with singing of carols and a peppy, foot tapping dance number. The arrival of the much awaited, fascinating and loving SANTA CLAUS who brought with him gifts for each and every child was the highlight of the show. The children promised him that they would take care and keep their surroundings clean and make mother Earth a better place to live in.

Children’s Day24th November 2019

Class – Pre Primary G

Children’s Day assembly presented by the enthusiastic children of Pre Primary -E was an eye opener for all .The children talked about peace, brotherhood and happiness as the key to achieving a society conducive to development and growth .They paid tribute to the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, who's birthday Is celebrated as children’s day. From the prayer to the dance, the focus was on inner strength, importance of education , human rights ,mutual respect and sensitivity. The teachers also put their best foot forward and presented a medley of foot tapping dance numbers for the little ones.

Health & Fitness22nd November 2019

Class – Pre Primary G

It is a known fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Keeping this in mind the children of Pre Primary G presented an assembly on Sports showcasing their talent in different fields of sports. The various aspects of indoor and outdoor sports were highlighted. The fact that fit and healthy individuals will be able to contribute in making the nation strong, fit and healthy was reiterated.

A foot tapping dance number enthralled the audience.

Assembly Guru Purab 08th November 2019

Class – Pre School B

The little ones of pre school B put up an assembly to celebrate and spread the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji , founder of sikhism. During the enactment they highlighted the importance of community sharing in the form of ‘langar’ and how one should pay reverence to the holy book ‘Guru Grant Sahib’ . Naam japo , vand chakho , kirat karo – were some of the teachings of Guru Nanakji showcased by the little ones. The highlight of the assembly was the children performing the ‘ Gatka’, a sword dance done during festivals.The five symbols of sikhism ie the five K’s – kada, kesh,kanga,kachera and kirpan were also shown. The assembly ended with a dance number showcasing the free and lively spirit of the sikh community.

Assembly Diwali 23rd October 2019

Class – Pre School A

Diwali is the festival of lights. On Diwali we celebrate the home coming of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman. The students of Pre-School A celebrated Diwali with a lot of pomp and show and the tiny tots mesmerized everyone with their performance on the stage.

The children started the show with the recitation of a ‘Mantra’ that surprised all present. ‘Ramayana-The Musical’ was the highlight of the show. The children also sensitized the audience about the importance of a clean and green Diwali and that the true spirit lies in being kind and empathetic towards all.

Last but not the least the performance by the dance troupe of PS-A left everyone grooving with them.

Gandhi Jayanti

Today’s fast paced world is closing out on time and the very essence of life- ‘values’. With the assembly of ‘GANDHI JAYANTI’- celebrating the 150th year of his birth anniversary, we enriched our little ones with valuable lessons which Gandhiji, the father of our nation gave us. Children depicted that cleanliness, honesty and sympathy ought to be the way of life.

Through a lively dance performance the children showcase that Bapu will always remain in our hearts as we imbibe and follow his teachings.

Teacher’s Day

The tiny tots of Preschool D celebrated Teacher’s Day with an Assembly on 1st September. The children started the event with Guru Vandana, expressing gratitude towards their teachers and explained the lines of the prayer. This was followed by a song by the kids, telling the teachers how much they love and appreciate them.

The children explained the significance of a teacher in their lives. Be it a doctor, chef, farmer or a policeman, all are moulded by a teacher. The function ended with a dance on a lively number. The kids expressed their love to their teachers by giving a token of appreciation, which was handcrafted by them

Janmashtami Assembly
23rd August, 2019

Class : Pre School C

An assembly on Janmashthami was conducted by the children of Pre-school C. The little ones sang Krishna bhajans and enacted the various events from Lord Krishna's childhood - starting from his birth, being called Makhan Chor, his cosmic form, Govardhan Parvat and the Raasleela. The show was concluded by a dance performance which left the audience mesmerized.

Independence Day Assembly
13th August, 2019

Presented by Class: Pre Primary D
on 13th August 2019

India’s 73rd year of Independence was celebrated with great zest and patriotic fervour in the Pre – Primary Wing of D.P.S. Mathura Road.

The launching of the second moon mission Chandrayaan II made every Indian immensely proud. The class of Pre – Primary D celebrated this significant milestone of our country space programme in the Independence Day special assembly. This aroused the feeling of patriotism and nationalism in our hearts.

The students of the choir group sang a patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feeling towards our motherland. A glimpse of India’s scientific prowess was depicted through a skit. The dance performance by children clad in traditional Punjabi attire stole the show.

Assembly: 'Don't Be Wild With Wild Life'
09th August, 2019

Class – Pre Primary A

' Don't be wild with wild life' that was the motto of the assembly which was presented by the children of Pre Primary-A with full zeal and fervour. The children spread the message of conserving wild life which we as humans are destroying every day for our own selfish use. Many animals and birds are getting endangered because their natural habitats are being destroyed for land development and farming by humans. Poaching and hunting of animals for fur, jewellery, meat and leather are other great factors contributing to wild life extinction.

The children taught everyone that it's our responsibility to save wild life, our planet and most importantly ourselves.

Etiquettes Are Important
19th July, 2019

Class: PP – C

‘Good Manners and kindness are always in fashion – some people tend to forget that good manners and kindness are free.’

Through this thought, the children of Pre – Primary C gently reminded everyone about their personal and social etiquette, as Etiquette Week was celebrated from 15th – 19th of July 2019. Culminating in the Class Assembly of Pre – Primary C.

All the 31 children of the class sang poems, gave messages on Etiquette and did a foot tapping dance on ‘You have to say Please.’

Parents and the audience of Pre – School and Pre – Primary children enjoyed themselves immensely and applauded the combined efforts of children as well as teachers.

Storytelling Assembly
15th May 2019

The Children of Pre Primary B conducted the storytelling assembly. They enacted a short story which spread the message of love and togetherness. This enactment was followed by a dance performance.

The importance of storytelling was emphasized upon. Storytelling is an important human tradition and it teaches us to be just, to love and to forgive others.

Earth Day Assembly – We Can And We WillPre Primary F, 24th April, 2019

A Special Assembly was conducted by class Pre Primary F on the occasion of Earth Day to demonstrate their support and concern for Environmental protection. The assembly started with the prayer and promise to the Earth ’Saving Earth.’ To dedicate this day to Mother Earth the children danced on the theme of keeping the Earth green to the song ‘ let it grow’ which was well choreographed and kept the audience enthralled. ` The children showcased the solutions to save Earth singing the song ‘Go Green.’ slogans and actions to Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce to protect and preserve the green planet was sung by the students. Our young environmentalists highlighted the significance of Earth Day, to value the generosity of Mother Earth and create an awareness to keep the Earth Clean and Green. The highlight of the assembly was a welcome for our new Principal, Mrs Deeksha Khera, who concluded the assembly by motivating and enriching the young minds about the ways in which each one could contribute to safeguard the Planet Earth.

Graduation Ceremony For The Children Of Class Pre Primary

When it comes to celebration our children know how to do it with elan’. The Pre School children got together to bid adeau to the Pre Primary children through a special assembly. Letting go of our little angels who kept the whole wing abuzz with their laughter and talks is probably the most difficult thing to do. It is a moment of pride to witness all the progress they have made and it is also reassuring to see them full of confidence to face the new world of the junior school. To make the day even more special a graduation ceremony was also conducted for the Pre Primary kids in which they were awarded graduation certificates. The pre schoolers wished their seniors well by presenting a beautiful song. A fashion show with the theme The World ....our stage had the preschool children rock the stage in costumes from around the world. The dance performance by the children did full justice to the spirit of the assembly.

See What Colours Can Do

The last assembly of Pre School of section G was held on 8th March 2019. Where young students exhibited their expression on the theme “See what colours can do.”

Our school Principal Mr. Manohar Lal, Vice Principals Ms. Diksha Khera and Ms.Reema Sharma, Head Mistress Ms. Ranjana Dean graced the occasion to encourage the young ones. The assembly started with prayer thanking the Lord Almighty followed by expressions on the theme i.e. colours

  • Red brings Passion

  • Blue is the most popular colour

  • Green has a healing power

  • Orange stands for happiness

  • Yellow brings joy and feeling of warmth

  • Pink stands for love and it relieves the pain

  • Black colour has power to absorb all other colours

  • Purple has power of truth

  • White has the power of tenderness. It can bring peace to mind.

The young ones enacted and sang the rhyme – Five little babies…. All the students tapped their feet and swayed to the beats of the song by Jason Derulo “ O what a feeling “

In the end a vote of thanks was given by Sr. Mistress Ms. Renu Puri

Isabella Clive & Gayatri Negi

Republic Day
Pre Primary E, 25th January, 2019

Pre – Primary Wing celebrated REPUBLIC DAY with great Patriotism and fervor. The children of PP-E dressed up in the colours of the National Flag, sang songs and danced to the tune of ‘ Vande Matram’. Little soldiers saluted the Flag in a heart- warming performance. In spite of the biting cold, every child had enthusiasm and excitement on his and her face. The National Emblems were displayed for everyone’s knowledge and appreciation. The kids as well as the parents enjoyed the assembly thoroughly.

Christmas Assembly
Class Pre School D, 21st December, 2018

The Christmas Assembly gave the children a chance to get into the Christmas spirit by spreading happiness and joy. It gave them a chance to learn to share happiness with the unprivileged. Special effort was made to make the children understand that the world would be better place if we share love and joy with the others. A visit by Santa Claus was the highlight of the event and carols, a beautiful Christmas tree and the Christmas spirit warmed all hearts. The children were very excited to meet Santa and receive lovely gifts by him.

Guru Purab Assembly
Class Pre Primary D, 22nd November, 2018

The children of Pre Primary D brought in an environment of peace and prayers as they performed in people the special assembly to celebrate Guru Nanajk Jayanti. The whole block resounded with the pleasant music of ‘shabad kirtan’ and the ‘Paanch Pyare’ enthralled the audience as they walked through with other children of the Prabhat Pheri. ‘Sewa’ - Selfless service to all. All Sikhs follow Guru Nanak Devji’s teachings which highlight community caring and sharing. Serving and helping showed their selfless service to God. The children enlightened everybody with these teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji. They ended the show with a dance performance to a foot tapping number and the celebration ended with all the children doing the lively folk dance of Punjab – the vivacious bhangra to the beats of a dhol.

Children’s Day Assembly
Class Pre School A, 14th November, 2018

A fun filled and exciting day was in store for the little ones to celebrate Children’s Day. The significance of the day was discussed by telling the children about ‘Chacha Nehru , the first Prime Minister of India and why his birthday is celebrated as ‘Children’s Day. This day was special and held many surprises for the little ones.

Diwali Assembly
Class Pre School C, 2nd November, 2018

On the occasion of Diwali the children of Preschool-C presented an assembly depicting the importance of the festival of lights which includes decorating our house and making colourful Rangoli. The children presented a foot tapping dance number and concluded the assembly with the message of passing on the light of happiness with one and all, urging everyone to celebrate a cracker and pollution free Diwali.

Gandhi Jayanti
Class Pre Primary C, 04th October, 2018

Pre-Primary C presented an assembly where the ideals and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi were explained to the children in a simple manner. Children narrated interesting anecdotes from Gandhiji’s life thus adding to their knowledge about the Father of the Nation. The whole wing resounded with hyms and bhajans like Vaishnav Jana , Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram , De Di Humhe Aazadi Bina etc. .

Save Oceans Save Aquatic Life
Class Pre Primary F, 12th August, 2018

The students of PS F conducted an assembly on the topic, 'Save Ocean Save Aquatic Life'; showcasing, the oceans are massive and need to be protected from various problems they are facing like- over fishing, oil spill, plastic pollution etc. The Little Bundlesnof joy had put up a skit depicting, 'each and every animal has as much right to be on this Earth as we humans have.' The assembly ended with a high spirited dance performance on the songs- "Deep-Deep-Deep and Aaj blue hai paani-Paani", which brightened and sparkled up the mood.