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DPS Mathura Road requires TGT (History) Digital Library Visit to DPS Mathura Road by Sh. Manish Sisodia - Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi & Education Minister on 18 January 2021.
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Cyber Smart School

DPS Mathura Road has been certified as CYBER SMART SCHOOL by NITI AAYOG and WNS CARES FOUNDATION. Our school has received the Cyber Smart Certification as more than 85% of students from classes II to XI had participated in the program and successfully certified them as Cyber Smart. NITI Aayog has joined hands with WCF to take CyberSmart portal across schools that are part of ATL network and introduce students to pertinent subjects such as cybersecurity.

Dhruv Gupta KBC

It’s indeed a proud moment of accomplishment and achievement that our student Dhruv Gupta of Class VD had been selected for FASTEST FINGER FIRST at KAUN BANEGA KARORPATI (student’s special). The episodes aired on Sony Entertainment in the second last week of November’21. It all started in fun by registering on Byju’sapp. Not that he was hopeful but after 3 rigorous rounds of auditions…what followed came as a surprise for all of us when he was called to Mumbai to be one of the contenders of the hot seat. “Will I forget this day, I think Never”, he exclaims. Everything was so new and so very exciting…the preparations, the auditions and everything in between.

It would have been another story, if I’d made it to the hot seat but playing FFF no. of times was itself a lifetime opportunity , rather an excuse to be with AB sir and experiencing a new world of ‘LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION’ for 4 days. The energy on the sets was raised to 10x with AB sir’s presence. Now, I know , why people world overcall him as millennium star. Can’t really explain in words really how Dhruv felt when he saw himself on national TV alongside his grandparents. Life has changed now when I am gaining special recognition from his peers and acquaintances and congratulations messages pouring in from everywhere.

He once read, “ There are enough opportunities in the world, and the ones you knock, become your experiences”. So, for everyone reading this, look for your share and see what’s in store behind the door.

Best of luck

01 अक्टूबर 2021 को ऑनलाइन माध्यम द्वारा आयोजित 41वीं डॉ0 विद्या टोपा स्मारक अंतर्विद्यालय वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता के विजेता

श्रिया जे0 नाइक IX ( वक्ता पक्ष )
अनिवि नामा कक्षा X (वक्ता विपक्ष)
हर्ष ठाकुर X (प्रश्नकर्ता)

Report on DPS Kollam – Annual Inter-DPS English Debate 2021

DPS Kollam, Kerala organised this session’s first online Inter-DPS English Debate for students of Class VII-Xon 20 November 2021. Thirty students from across fifteenDPSs participated in the competition which was judged by Ms. Supriya Sarkar, Manager – Internal Controls and Risk – Google LLC, California; Mr. Roy Joseph, Ex-Vice President HR – MRF and Solara and Mr. Sanjay Singh, Vice President – Internal Audit – The Hershey Company.

The participants put forth compelling arguments both for and against the motion which stated – Technology has intensified human communication skills. From quoting examples from the dark ages to bringing to the fore the predicament of the contemporary society, the debaters left no stone unturned to sway the judges and the audience their way.

Harsheen Kaur Bindra of Class X from DPS Mathura Road bagged the Honourable Mention with a cash prize of Rs. 1000. Mr. Roy Joseph, an esteemed judge for the competition, complimented her on her refreshing perspective and her poise while dealing with an interjection which he himselfposed.

Report 2021

    ClubIn , a tech innovation to promote consumption of smarter and intellectual content . The second venture is called Lingos Dictionary which helps people in finding meanings to commonly used text acronyms and slangs .This has been featured in The Times of India Nie edition(30th August) on the front page for the ventures.

    Aditya Sarna


    Report 2021

Arthashastra & Confest 2021 DPS Vasant Kunj

Name of the event: Let’s Get Trivial
No of participants: 2
Name of the winners: Asmi J. Naik, XI-I & Sophia Khan, XI-G
Position: 2nd place
Photograph of the winners:

Name of the event: Street Speak
No of participants: 2
Name of the winners: Harshit Jaiswal, XII-G & Anvvi
Aggarwal, XII-F
Position: 2nd place
Photograph of the winners:

Congratulations Tarun Bansal

Name of the participant: Tarun Bansal
Name of the event: Bizeco Triathlon
Organised by: Sanskriti School
No. Of participants: 1
Position/ Prize: 3rd Position.

Congratulations :- Utthaan Dhingra

School Event:- Property Expo
Organized by:- DPS Rohini
Name:- Utthaan Dhingra
Position - 2nd.


Following students were declared District toppers

ARNAV GUPTA of Class 10 – H was awarded a Gold Medal & Medal of Excellence for standing 1st and has been declared South District Topper of class IX

Siddharth Kumar of Class 10 – D was awarded a Silver Medal for attaining 2nd Position in Class IX

Avidha Haldar of Class 9 – A was awarded a Gold Medal and was declared South District Topper of Class VIII

Inspire awards-manak

Report on The International Adolscent Summit 2019

The 7th International Adolescent Summit 2019 was held on 12 and 13 December, 2019 at National Science Centre Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Shri Anurag Tripathy (Secretary CBSE) and Shri Vineet Joshi (Director General National Testing agency) along with Dr. Rushi Joshi HOD RML Hospital, Sh. Malay Mukherji, Dr. JL Pandey Prof from NCERT were also present for the inaugural ceremony of the event. Our students participated in various events such as – Yuva Sansad (Youth Parliament), Rhetorics-Young orator’s championship, Utopia-On the spot painting, SurTaal-Indian classical solo dance and The Myriad-Global school health exhibition.

The student peer educators won the consolation prize for their efforts in putting up the exhibition. There Stall was specially appreciated by the judges and they were interviewed by Mr. Tripathy and Mr. Joshi who were impressed by their skills and knowledge on life skills and sensitivity to bring awareness on many social evils prevalent in our society today.

The following students participated:

YUVA SANSAD– Arjun Kumar (XI B) & Khushi Aneja (XI D) SURTAAL (INDIAN CLASSICAL SOLO DANCE) – Karshima (XI M) YOUNG ORATOR’S CHAMPIONSHIP – Vanshika Tuteja GLOBAL HEALTH EXHIBITION – Baheen Qadri, Molly Dhawan, Parampara Sharma, Zainab Bie, Tanya Agarwal ON THE SPOT PAINTING – Khyati Sethi PATHSHALA NUKKAD NATAK – Aditya Saha, Aryan Ballani, Kushagra Shukla, Aishnna Talwar, Ananya Lal

4 students also took part in the Inaugural Ceremony and Sang Guru Vandana –

  • Ashmita Singh

  • Devika Pandey

  • Durba

  • Avni

Five students also took part in the Inaugural Nukkad Natak –

  • Ananya Lal

  • Aditya Saha

  • Kushagra Shukla

  • Aishnna Talwar

  • Aryan Ballani

Our students achieved 1st Prize in On the Spot Nukkadh Naatak Competition. They performed on the Topic “Save Girl Child, “Save Society”. Judges specially appreciated them for adding humor in bringing awareness on such a sensitive topic.

All students were guided and trained by our school counselors: Mrs. Sangeeta Narang, Ms. Astha Mahajan and Ms. Manvi Bakshi for this 2 day event organised by Expressions India.

The summit aimed at sensitizing schools and students on wide range of issues such as Gender Equality, Health and Nutrition, Child Rights, Child Safety, Life Skills etc. Overall it was an enriching experience for our students and gave them a platform to showcase their talents.


दिल्ली पब्लिक स्कूल मथुरा रोड के छात्रों ने दिनांक 7 अगस्त 2019 को दिल्ली पब्लिक स्कूल ग्रेटर नोएडा में भाषा कार्यक्रम ‘आनंदोत्सव’ में भाग लिया और ‘संस्कृत सूक्ति पोस्टर निर्माण’ प्रतियोगिता में प्रथम पुरस्कार प्राप्त किया | इन प्रतिभाशाली छात्रों के नाम इस प्रकार से हैं –

  • शौर्य गुप्ता 6 –एच

  • अर्जुन 6 –एच

  • परनिका दुग्गल 6-जी

  • रूपल गौतम – 6 –ई

Annual Inter-DPS National IT Fest 2019

Students of our school participated in Annual Inter-DPS National Information Technology Festival 2019, IT@CuttingEdge 2019 organized by DPS Society at Delhi Public School, Noida on 29th August 2019. The Festival comprised of two events. Category I was an online event – Competitive Coding in C++/Python and Category II was onsite event having competitive events and Non-competitive Interactive Training Session. More than 100 DPSs participated in the same. The following are the details of events and participants.

  • Category I-Coding in Python was conducted in Computer Lab 3 on 2nd August 2019 in which 8 students participated and 7 were awarded with CodeEx Top Rank Certificate for being in first 50 Ranks.

    • Ansh Goyal (XI C)-Rank 16

    • Suchir Bajaj (XI I)-Rank 17

    • Shivam Shukla (XI I)-Rank 18

    • Ishaan Mittal (XI A)-Rank 19

    • Aadessh Sharma (XI C)-Rank 20

    • Kavin Aggarwal (XI A)-Rank 28

    • Vidit (XI B)-Rank 29.

  • Shubh Sharma (IX B) and Md. Shayan(XI D) particiapted in IT QUIZ.

  • Aditya Saha (XI A) and Snakalp Narula(XI A) participated in MUSIXMATCH.

  • Ananya Khaneja (XI D) and Antara Shukla (XI D) participated in LAUNCHPAD.

  • Rohit Talukdar (XI K) participated in GAMING

  • Affan (XI D) attended a training session on “Artificial Intelligence”

Ms. Monika Sethi attended a training session on “Artifical Intelligence”.

Computer & Robotics Club

Our school participated in XINO 2019, Annual Inter-school Technology Symposium organized by Delhi Public School, Rohini on 20th July 2019. We won first position in Group Discussion. Following are the details of events and participants.

  1. Sauhard Jain (XI-B) won First Position in Group Discussion.

  2. Ramish Abdali (X-D) qualified for the Final Round of the Tech Quiz.

  3. Yashas Jindal (X-C) and Jatin Dadwani (X-C) qualified for the Finals of the Surprise Event.

  4. Ramish Abdali (X-D) participated in the Crossword.

Our school participated in AFBBS Inter School Fest Rendezvous, an inter-school Computer Symposium organized by Air Force Bal Bharti School on 18th July 2019. Aditya Saha (XI-A) & Devesh Maheshwari (XI D) won first position in Power Point Presentation (CARE & INONOVATE) 

Matra Bhasha Divas 2019


International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21st February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. In 1999, UNESCO announced to celebrate it and this is an appreciable step of ministry of Human Resource Development that we all celebrate it in our school. The Hindi Department of our school organised various activities to inculcate the feeling of proud and respect towards our native languages. Here is the brief list of activities:-

  1. Poem Recitation (Urdu, Bangla, Odiya)

  2. Poster Making (Bangla, Hindi)

  3. Shloka Vaachan  (Sanskrit)

  4. Short Speech (Hindi, Odiya, Bangla)

  5. Self-Introduction (Marathi, Malyalam, Urdu)

It was done by students of class VI, VII and VIII. They showed great efforts and enthusiasm to perform it and finally they understood the importance of their mother tongue and realized that the key to success is to respect our culture –

निज भाषा उन्नति अहै , सब उन्नति को मूल ।
बिनु निज भाषा ज्ञान कै , मिटे न हिय को सूल॥

CBSE National Level Science Exhibition8th February 2019

Our school participated in the CBSE National Level Science Exhibition held at Mayoor School, Sector 126 NOIDA on 8th and 9th February 2019. A team of following two students took part in the exhibition -

Plastically Amazing was made by Jaskaran Singh (IX H) and Saksham Gupta (IX H)

Delhi Sanskrit Academy – Victory at State level6th February 2019

The Delhi Sanskrit Academy held its State Level Competitions in Sanskrit on 4th and 6th February 2019. Over thirty schools from all over Delhi/NCR participated in the event. Only the teams that stood first and second in the zonals in the month of November, 2018 were selected for the state level.

The teams from DPS Mathura Road qualified the zonals and bagged the first position in State Level in Sanskrit Shlokochharan and Shlok Sangeet. The students received certificates and cash prize of Rs. 5400 each in each of the two categories. The Shlokochharan team comprised of Krish Anne (Class VI), Veydant Suri (Class VIII), Kanav Sachdeva (Class IX), Hamza Ahmed (Class IX), Harrison (Class IX) and Tarib Abidi (Class X). The team for Shlok Sangeet comprised of Ananya Iyer (Class IX), Vanshika Yadav (Class IX), Avni Narula (Class X), Aashmita Singh (Class X), Devika Pandey (Class X) and Souromi Dhar (Class XI).

It is indeed a proud moment for the students as well as the school for this victory shows the student’s interest in Sanskrit and the school’s efforts in propagating a love for the language that is Sanskrit

Bhajan Competition Organised by the Directorate of Education31st January 2019

Our school participated in a Bhajan Competition organised by the Directorate of Education at Rajghat on 31st January 2019. 300 students and 115 schools had participated in the same. There were 2 categories-Junior and Senior. Our school bagged the first and second position in both the categories, respectively.

The list of students is as follows:

Senior Category

  • Souromi Dhar -11th-L (2nd position)
  • Pradeek Krishna -11th-E (2nd position)

Junior Category

  • Shivanshi Singh-7th-C (1st position)
  • Akshat Bansal -8th-E (1st position)

CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition24th January 2019

Our school participated in the CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition held at ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar on 24th and 25th January 2019. A Team of two students participated in the competition.

  • Plastically Amazing made by Jaskaran Singh IX H and Saksham Gupta (IX H)
  • Smart city made by Ahmer Parvez (IX B) and Vardaan Lal (IX B)

The project Plastically Amazing has been selected for National Level Science Exhibition which will be held on 8th and 9th February at Mayoor School Sector 126, NOIDA.

English Debate for Classes IX and X 06th September 2018

Recognizing the vital role of the schools in spreading awareness about Swachhata Mission and its implementation across the country, the CBSE advised the schools to observe Swachhata Pakhwada from 1st to 15th September, 2018. Under this directive, the English Debating Society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road organized an English Debate for classes IX and X on September 6, 2018. The topic of the debate was ‘Clean India- another step to a cloud-cuckoo-land.’ The event saw the enthusiastic participation of around 20 students. The following students were adjudged as winners:

1st Position

  • Shourya Baijal - IX A

  • VanshikaTuteja - X I

2nd Position

  • Zainab Bie - X I

  • Hamza Ahmad - IX D

3rd Position

  • Harrison Thingbaijam - IX H

Motivational Prizes

  • Rushaal Chugh - IX H

  • Divya Bandaru - IX F

  • Noor Fatima - IX A

The participants showcased a deep understanding of the topic. The judges lauded their efforts and further encouraged them to perform in such events.

'Arthashastra Confest'18' 25th August 2018

DPS Vasant Kunj organised the Economics and Commerce Interschool Fest- 'Arthashastra Confest'18' on the 25th of August 2018. Several schools from Delhi NCR participated in the fest.It was an insightful event testing the awareness of participants on current economics and business related issues. Our school won several awards and accolades in the programme including 1st prize in poster making, 2nd prize in jingle making and 3rd prize in extempore. Not only this, our school also won the rolling trophy in the event.

Following were the winners from our school in the ArthashastraConfest:

Name Class Event Name Position
Nonisha XII M. Nonisha 1
Vibhuti XII D. Polaroid. 3
Raag XII K. Jingle Making. 2
Rabiya. XI B. Jingle Making. 2
Aabir. XI B. Jingle Making. 2

Overall, it was a great learning experience for all the participants.

Inter Section English Debate for Class XI 21st August 2018

The English Debating Society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road organized an Inter Section English Debate for class XI on 21 August, 2018. 22 Debaters came forward for the competition and presented their views on the following topics –

  • Unlimited power corrupts the mind of those who possess it.

  • Reservation spells doom for the nation.

The following were adjudged as winners –

Ist Position

  • Sabhya Sharma XI E

  • Rishabh Mendiratta XI A

2nd Position

  • Shambhavi Verma XI F

  • Kopal Dubey XI M

3rd Position

  • Prisha Arora XI H

  • Rushan SalimSuri XI

Motivational Prizes

  • OnkarAmrit XI L

  • Nikhil Kriplani XI G

  • Sri Padmavati XI E

  • Ayush Malhotra XI G

The event was an overall success. The young debaters exhibited great oratorical skills while expressing their views and opinions. The judges lauded the efforts of the students for their brilliant performance.

Indradhanush 21st August 2018

16 students, along with the School Special Educator, Mr.EhsanulHaque and the Counsellor, Ms.ManviJaggi, participated in INDRANUSH, a competition for Children with Special Needs held at Sanskriti School, ChanakyaPuri on 21st August, 2018.

Our students participated in the following events:

  • Jewellery Making

  • Flower Decoration

  • Cooking without Fire

  • Baking

  • Skit on ‘Cherishing Nature’

Each students’ performance was appreciated even though they did not get any position since the criteria was the level of disability/ challenge faced by the child with Special needs.

All the students received a Certificate of Participation in the event.

It was an enriching and a great learning experience for all the students.

Science Activities 18th August 2018

Directorate of Education (Government of NCT of Delhi) had organized various Science activities like National Science Seminar, Science Drama, Science Debate, Science Poster Slogan Science Toon and Science Model / Exhibition at the zonal level in the month of August 2018. Students of D P S Mathura Road participated enthusiastically in all events.

  • Yashas Jindal of IX C participated in the Zonal level of Science Seminar on the topic “Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0: Are we prepared?” Held on 18/08/18 at GGSS School No 1, East of Kailash.

  • A large number of entries were sent for Zonal level Poster making on the topic Chemicals , Use and Misuse, Slogan on the topic Water Crisis and Science Toon on the topic Cyber Crime and Society to SKV No 2 East of Kailas hob 18/08/18.

  • Aditya Saha (X B) ,AnirudhKalia (X C) , Riya Jain (X E), AnanyaLal (X F), Aryan Nigam (X H) , Aryan Gupta (IX I), MehakKhurana ( IX B) and Maulik Gupta ( IX F) participated in Zonal level of Science Drama on the topic “Science and Society”, sub topic – Cleanliness , health and hygiene held on 23/08/18 at GGSS School SriniwasPuri. They secured first position amongst twenty six participating teams and are selected for the Centre Level. Each student was awarded a certificate and a medal.

  • Arpita Arora (IX A) and Hamza Ahmad (IX D) participated in Zonal level of Science Debate on the topic “Power of Electric Technology , the Boon for Humanity ? “ held on 29/08/18 at SarvodayaVidyalaya , Masjid Moth South Ex part II.

  • Following teams participated in the Zonal level of Science Model/ Exhibition on the topic “Scientific solutions to challenges in life” held on 30/08/18 and 31/08/18 at KGSBV Chirag Enclave – (a) Riya Jain (IX E) & Vanshika Yadav (IX E) - Sub Topic - Transport and Communication (b) Samarth Katyal (XI C) & Bhavya Dua (XI A) – Sub Topic – Safety Measures

Our team got selected for the Centre Level competitions and each student was awarded a certificate and a medal.

Columban Open Quiz 18th August 2018

Our school attended the 46th edition of the Columban Open Quiz which was held in August. Out of the three teams representing our school, the team of JayantBakshi, Aditya Lakshminarayan, Shivansh Sharma and Raghav Ahuja of Class XII stood qualified for the finals after the preliminary and semi-final stages. The team stood tenth across all of India, establishing the team from DPS Mathura Road amongst the quizzing elite of the country. This has never been done before in the history of the school. The team was felicitated with certificates and a cheque of 1000 rupees.

Inter School Ecomomics and Commerce Event 2018: Matrix

Mount St. Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt hosted the annual inter school Economics and Commerce event, MATRIX 2018 in which more than 50 schools participated. The event comprised five competitions:

  • Symposium

  • Quiz

  • B-plan

  • Ad making

  • Surprise event

Team DPS Mathura road comprised the following students:

  • Abhishi Agarwal (12 H)

  • Dhruvi Agarwal (11 L)

  • Arsh Arora (11 A)

  • Nikhil Kriplani (11 G)

  • Aabir Humam (11 E)

  • Rabia Fatima (11 E)

  • Gehna Bansal (11c)

  • Ananya Agarwal (11 A)

  • Aayush Yadav (11 A)

  • Janvi Lamba (11 G)

  • Meghna Jain (11 E)

Abhishi Agarwal won Best Speaker and Arsh Arora won the Best Visual AID Provider in the SYMPOSIUM


It was a learning experience for the students where they got to know about various topics related to the business and economics world like crypto currency, AI etc. as well as enjoyed the innovative and gripping performances .the students competed with the best students from all over Delhi. The event ended on a positive note, our team returned spirited and determined to perform better in the next event.

17th Dhrov Rajgharia Memorial Interschool Debate 2018 10th August 2018

DPS R.K Puram hosted its 17th Annual DhruvRajgarhia Memorial Inter School Debate on 10 August, 2018. Our School participated and qualified for the quarter finals. The students who qualified for finals were:

  • Abhishi Agarwal- 12-H

  • Sambhavi Jain- 11- F

  • Srijan Sharma- 12-L

This year the event had multiple formats of Debate which included the extempore round, Turncoat and Classical form of debate with a blend of Asian Parliamentary Debate in the later part of the competition which included the finals round. The event saw active participation of 15 schools from all over Delhi, NCR. The Rajgarhia family and Ms JonakiSarma, the teacher in-charge for the event, along with her team of teachers, graced the occasion with their presence.

Dhananjay Mohan Inter-School Science Symposium 03rd/sup> August 2018

DPS Mathura Road participated in Dhananjay Mohan Inter-school symposium on 3 August, 2018 after being selected in the preliminary round.

18 schools participated in the event. The events were as follows-

  • E-Paper Presentation- DPS Mathura Road was selected in the preliminary round for this event. The topic chosen by DPS Mathura Road was ‘Robotic Surgeries’.

    Participants- RishabhMediratta (XI-A),Arsh Arora (XI-A)

  • Model Display- The topic chosen by DPS Mathura Road was ‘Resource Management’.

    Participants- ShriyanGarg (XI-B),Ikjot Singh (XI-B)

Spectrum’18 11th May 2018

Dancing Dancing is loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the Arts, because it is no mere transition or abstraction from life, it is life itself.

-Havelock Ellis, The Dance of Life

"Team spectrum", the dance club of Delhi Public School Mathura Road, organized a Grand event of dance for the 4th year in succession. This year, the hues of rainbow unfurled on 11th of May 2018. The enthusiastic students of classes 6th to 11th submerged themselves on improvisation of creativity for about a month and perfected their dance moves in the solo as well as group category. The event had a total of 95 participants and an extremely welcoming audience. The event was declared open with the lighting of lamp. As the talents unfurled, the guests and the audience started swaying with their tunes and rhythm. The posture, the movements, the costumes and the performances won over every heart.

The visual rendezvous was inaugurated by the Principal, Shri Manohar Lal who took out time from his busy schedule to be a part of this cultural extravaganza .The event unfurled with an extremely warm welcome speech by the Principal, wherein he welcomed the judges.The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Abrahim from Kuwait.

Mr. Abrahim From Kuwait The Chief Guest for the day

Mr. Omy Ronshal An expert in western dance form of contemporary.

Ms. Shilpa Choudhary An expert in the classical form of dance, Bharatnatyam.

The performance in the classical dance category enthralled the audience with their "Mudras", "Bhangimas" and "Expression" while the performers in the western dance category took the entire audience in the realm of beat and rhythm with their energetic performance and palpable energy level. The judges had a tough time evaluating the talent of children. The declaration of result was applauded with energy and expectations.

Category: Solo

Class 6th

  • Tithyyam Nahata - 1st Position

  • Anika Kalia & Anulekha Roy - 2nd Position

  • Harleen Kaur - 3rd Position

Class 7th

  • Devika Kharayat - 1st Position

  • Aanya Juneja - 2nd Position

  • Gaurangi Raghuvanshi - 3rd Position

Class 8th

  • Mathangi - 1st Position

  • Toaishi Gaur - 2nd Position

  • Pari Singh Panwar - 3rd Position

Class 9th

  • Meetha Santosh - 1st Position

  • Arpita Arora - 2nd Position

  • Khyati Chopra, Roina Mishra, Ria Rajahamsan - 3rd Position

Class 10th

  • Riya Gulati - 1st Position

  • Samriddhy Shanker - 2nd Position

  • Ananya Mittal & Ananyashree Patnaik - 3rd Position

Class 11th

  • Aakarsh Mehra - 1st Position

  • Utkarsh Jain - 2nd Position

  • Disha Rastogi - 3rd Position

Category: Group

Middle School (VI-VIII)

  • Aviral Srivastav, Ananya Srivastav - 1st Position

  • Mannat Gulati, Bhumi Aggarwal - Runners Up

Senior School (IX-XI)

  • Aishnna Talwar, Kushagra Shukla - 1st Position

  • Devansha Babel, Kaashvi Kawatra, Hargun Muddar, Ishita Suri and Kinjal Gupta, Aaheli Roy, Vani Verma - Runners Up

The Principal congratulated all the participants and gave away the trophies and certificates to the winners. He also congratulated the teacher in charge Ms. Suranjana Saha and students who worked hard and organized the event keeping in mind every minute detail and making the event a grand success. With his words, he encouraged everyone for their efforts. The chief guest congratulated the participants and expressed his immense pleasure of watching the talented students dancing.

Students who helped make this event a success:

Pavani Gujral, Jahnvi Sangal, Keerat Ahluwalia

Karishma Wahegabam, Vidhita Chandwani, Pavani Gujral, Jahnvi Sangal, Aditya Saha, Riana Singh, Meyhar Bhasin, Keerat Ahluwalia.

Oratorio'18 11th-12th May 2018

The Music Club of DPS Mathura Road held its 6th Annual Music Festival Oratorio’18 on 11th and 12th May. Western music competition was held on 11th of May with a total of 45 students participating. The Indian music competition was held on 12th of May and 55 talented students participated.

Western Music competition was help in the M.P.H from 9:00 am onwards till 12:30pm and had three groups- Group A had the students of class 6th and 7th, Group B had the students of class 8th and 9th and in Group C were the students of class 10th and 11th. There were three winners from each group i.e. 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize. All the winners were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. Other participating students were awarded with participating certificates.

On the day of Indian Oratorio competition which was held in the K.G Hall, the music club of our school launched our very own band, THE HARMONIX which was inaugurated by our Principal Sh. Manohar Lal. Also, the system of the Oratorio was revised and was made into a three round competition. In the first round, students had to sing classical Raag based songs. The students who cleared this round advanced to the second round where they had to sing a bollywood song on a music track. Further, the top 6 students from class 8th-11th and were selected for the last round that round that was medley round which was basically a face-off round. Where the top 3 students were given the grand trophies and the title of the champions of Oratorio.

Opinions Matter 2018 04th May 2018

The Debating Club of DPS Mathura Road organized the Annual Inter School Debate – OpinionsMatter for Classes XI and XII on 04 May 2018. The event saw an enthusiastic participation from ten prominent schools from Delhi NCR and witnessed an exuberant interplay of opinions, rightfully owning up to its name, debating on the topic – Humanity has the Power to be its Own Saviour.

The event commenced with the ceremonious lighting of the lamp which was followed by the Principal, Mr. Manohar Lal’s welcome address. He stated that debating makes one question one’s opinion, raises confidence, promotes active thinking, and gives one the ability to ideate. The Vice Principal (Academics), Ms. Deeksha Khera declared the debate open.

This panel of judges for the event constituted Dr. Shikha Kapoor – Associate Professor, Department of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia; Ms. Manjula Negi – a journalist and a film critic and Mr. Amit Arora – a journalist, news reader, anchor, radio jockey, quiz master and a commentator. Witnessing the contrast of the colours that the young debaters painted their verbal ideas stupefied all and sundry. The young debaters argued that humanity is the very essence of everything that sustains the earth and thus, it will always remain powerful enough to save itself, while some felt that the recent incidents violence and aggression that have rattled the very core of human values are proof enough that humanity is dead.

Avni Kainth and Jayant Bakshi from DPS, Mathura Road bagged the third Best Speaker and the Best Interjector trophies, respectively. The overall trophy was bagged by DPS Rohini.

The vote of thanks was rendered by Vice Principal Administration Ms. Asha Tuli. The National Anthem brought closure to the morning crème de la crème exonerating the firmest of their beliefs, yet again.

Scientia Est Potentia 28th April 2018

Delhi Public School, R.K Puram hosted its Annual Inter-School Science Festival, ‘Scientia est Potentia’, on 28 April 2018 in which a total of 24 schools across Delhi NCR participated. Students of DPS Mathura Road actively participated in OFF-SITE events and following ON –SITE events:

  • Classical Debate

  • Model Making

  • Science Quiz

  • Chem Canvas

  • Ad-act-Actinium (DPS Mathura Road won the third position in this event)

  • Outdoor Lab

  • Let’s Innovate

Participation certificates were given to all the participants. An individual trophy and a merit certificates was awarded to the winners of Ad-Act Actinium.

The winners of Ad-act-Actinium were:

  • Rishabh Mediratta (11th A)

  • Nishit Mathur(12th H)

  • Divyansh (12th C)

  • Kshitiz Priyam(12th C)

Adyopant Legal Inter-School Legal Awareness Street Play Competition 2018 28th April 2018

Our school participated in the Adyopant Legal Inter-School Legal Awareness Street Play Competition 2018 - National Level.Our school bagged the 1st Prize amongst the 8 schools that participated in the competition. The students who participated there are-

The event took place at Palika Bazar, CP.

  • Nishit Mathur (XII-I)

  • Shreeya Gupta (XII-I)

  • Neha Kapoor (XII-M)

  • Anmol Malhotra (XII-K)

  • Annanya Gaba (XI-K)

  • Pratishtha Ditya (XI-J)

  • Karanjeet Singh (XI-L)

  • Sanya Gangotia (XI-L)

  • Aditya Saha (X-B)

  • Aishnna Talwar (X-D)

  • Anirudh Kalia (X-C)

  • Ananya Lal (X-F)

Hash 6.0 27th April 2018

The following students of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated in HASH 6.0, an Inter school Computer competition organized by Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh on 27th April 2018.

  • Madhav Walia and Abhik Sarkar Basu of 11th A bagged the 2nd prize in the Senior Quiz competition (QUIZ-WHIZ).

  • Sheikh Aman of class 11th F qualified for the second final in the photography competition (PHOTOCALL) and ranked 4th out of 28 schools.

  • Sauhard Jain of class 10th B and Areeb Mansoor of class 10th C, participated in the surprise event (FLABBERGAST).

Sauhard Jain of class 10th B and Arsh Arora of class 11th A participated in Digital Imaging (GRAPHICS TRICKS) and reached the prelims.

26th April 2018

Our school participated in Inter-School Multimedia competition organized by Sprindales School, Pusa Road on 26th April 2018 under its Africa week celebrations which is held in their school each year. 20 Schools participated in the Multi-media power point presentation competition and the topics provided were related to the current scenario in Africa. The presentation was to be followed by a live speech by the participants. Mridul Poojary and Sarthak Grover of class 12 D participated in the same from our school.

Our school bagged the third position in the competition. Our students were awarded with a certificate of merit, cash voucher worth Rs 600 and participation certificates.

The competition ended with a speech by the secretary of the South African embassy, who was the chief guest for the day.

Hindi Poem Recitation Competition 25th April 2018

Reading through books is not the only medium of learning but fun filled activities and Competition enhances the learning process. Keeping this in mind a Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was organized for class VII in the MPH on 25/04/2018 during 5th to 7th period. Topics- Deshprem, Pyari Dadi, Pradushan, Jal Hi Jeevan Hai.


  • Abhishek Mandal - (VII-A) - 1st Position

  • Ashish Sain (VII-A) - 2nd Position

  • Liba Razi, Ishita Jain-(VII-H),(VII-B) – 3rd Position

  • Gaurangi (VII-B) – Consolation

  • Dhruva Vaid (VII-F) – Consolation

Judges – Mrs. Rashmi Bhardwaj, Ms. Mamta Sharma

Inter-DPS Environment National Fest 2018 (Panchtatva) 21st April 2018

Our school participated in Inter-DPS Environment National Fest 2018 (Panchtatva) held at R.K Puram.

There were various offsite and onsite events in the fest. Our school participated in 3 onsite events namely Waste-Wise Collage Making, Model Making and Mime- Let The Silent Earth Speak. Each event aimed at making students more aware about the significance of environment and ways to protect it.

Waste – Wise Collage Making : In this competition the participants were provided with a packet full of various kinds of waste materials such as newspapers, candles, rocks, straws, torn fabric, paper plates, ice-cream sticks etc. The students depicted the topic ‘everyday is earth day’ through their collage by using their creativity and the waste materials provided.

Model making: the students used eco friendly materials to make the model of a self sustainable green city. In their model they used the concept of using solar energy and wind energy to replace the conventional sources of energy. They also showed the mechanism of waste segregation through their model.

Mime-Let The Silent Earth Speaks: Here the students performed an act depicting the problems faced by earth quietly without speaking; just through their actions and expressions. This was indeed challenging. The students of our school performed in a team of 5 and won 2nd position making our school proud. The event was a good effort towards spreading awareness about environmental protection.

Children Rre Great Imitators, Give Them Something to Imitate 19th April 2018

Keeping this in mind, a Role Play Competition based on the theme of ‘different character’s of Ramayana’ like Ravan, Kekai, Bharat, Hanuman etc. was organised on 19th April,2018 for the Students of class VI in the MPH. The objective of this competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the little ones. Enthusiastic participants from all sections adorned the stage with their colourful dresses and mesmerizing monologues.


  • Nitya (VI-F) - 1st Position

  • Trishaan Chowdhry (VI-E) - 2nd Position

  • Khanak (VI-B) – 3rd Position

  • Aureya Saraf (VI-A) – Consolation

  • Amlan (VI-H) – Consolation

Judges – Dr. (Mrs.) Ashish Vashisth, Ms. Mamta Sharma

Inter Section English Debate 18th April 2018

The English Debating Society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road organized the Inter Section English Debate for class XII on Wednesday, 18thApril 2018. Seventeen debaters came forward for the competition and presented their views on the topics:

  • Humanity Has The Power To Be Its Own Saviour.

  • Internet – Gorgeous Yet Deceitful.

  • Directionless Youth Has No Role Models.

  • Social Media Is A Web With No Escape.

The esteemed judges for the debate, Ms.Kunjan Kacker, Head of English Department and Ms. Fauzia Umar, Incharge Publications, adjudged the following as winners:

  • Ananya Rath XII B - 1st Position

  • Shreya Singh XII C - 2nd Position

  • Jayant Bakshi XII L and Rishika Vats XII G - 3rd Position

  • Sarthak Grover XII D, Shoumyadeep Dhani XII C and Muskan Sehgal XII G - Motivational Prizes

  • Mohd. Faizan Haider XII A and Vibhuti Roach XII D - Best Interjectors

The event was an overall success. It was good to see the young debaters expressing their views, opinions and interjecting amongst each other. It was indeed a healthy competition and words of wisdom were impacted by the judges as well as our Vice Principal, Ms. Asha Tuli which increased the self esteem and the confidence of the participants.

10th To 11th April 2018

Model UN Quiz Society participated in the annual MUN Conference hosted by the Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar, from 10th-11th April, 2018. The following students were meritorious:

  • Abhik S Basu received the Best Delegate award in UN Office of High Commissioner of Refugees (Historic).

  • Sauhard Jain received the Best Delegate award in Review Conference of VCLT.

  • Akshat Goel received a High Commendation award in UN General Assembly.

  • Nikhil Kriplani and Madhav Walia received a High Commendation award in Multilateral   Investment Agency.

  • Ashmit Gupta received a Special Mention award in UN General Assembly.

  • Areeb Mansoor received a Special Mention award in UN Security Council.

  • Tejas Karnani participated in International Atomic Energy Agency.

  • Aryan Dua held the post of Vice Chairperson in Review Conference of VCLT.

  • Ridhima Gupta held the post of Goodwill Ambassador in UN Office of High Commissioner of Refugees (Historic)

Art Competition 09th February 2018

Aanya Gupta of class VI E has participated in the Art Competition held as part of the Y. Kumar Memorial Week Celebrations for Peace and Understanding 2018. The competition was held at Springdale’s School, Pusa Road on 23rd January. More than 400 students participated in the event which was divided into 3 categories according to their age. Aanya's drawing bagged the "Special Mention" award in her category 9-11 years. She was felicitated by Mrs. Rajni Kumar, Chairperson, Springdales Education Society and Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan, Dean of Academic Affairs, Ashoka University who were the Chief Guest at the 41st Y. Kumar Memorial Lecture Assembly on 9th February at Springdale’s School, Pusa Road. She was awarded a trophy and a certificate.

Inter Section English Debate For Class VI 02nd February 2018

The English Debating Society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road organized the Inter Section English Debate for class VI on Friday, 2 February 2018. 25 debaters came forward for the competition and presented their views on the topics:

  • The Best Things in Life Are Free.

  • Parental Aspirations Curb Children’s Talent.

The following were adjudged the winners:

  • Avni VI E, Akshita Sehgal VI E and Abhishek Mandal VI A - 1st Position

  • Tejasvini VI F and Ashish Sain VI A - 2nd Position

  • Siddhant Singhania VI C and Ambika Harishankar VI - 3rdPosition

  • Spreeha Maurya VI A and Pranav Neil Srivastava VI D - Motivational Prizes

  • Aqdas VI E - Best Interjector

  • Vihaan Panth VI H - Motivational Interjector

The event was an overall success. The topics prompted students to critically think about issues and enabled them to contribute effectively throughout the debate. Subsequently, our Vice Principal, Ms. Asha Tuli awarded the winners and applauded them on their remarkable public speaking skills. The words of wisdom were given by the judges which increased the confidence of the participants.

National Talent Olympiad For Students With Special Needs 15nd February 2018

The Expressions India – National, Life Skills and School wellbeing Program in collaboration with Apeejay Stya & Svran Group organized “NATIONAL TALENT OLYMPIAD” (Sports & Games, Performing &Fine Arts and Literary Activities)” for Students with Special Needs on 15th February 2018 at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. More than 20 renowned Schools of Delhi NCR participated in this event. It was a great initiative to celebrate the abilities of students with Special Needs through Sports & Games, Performing &Fine Arts and Literary Activities.

Our school DPS Mathura Road participated in the event.12 Students with Special Needs along with the Special Educator Mr.Ehsanul Haque attended the event.

Students from classes VI- IX made the School proud by displaying exemplary performances in Sports & Games, Performing &Fine Arts and Literary Activities and won Seven Prizes & Medals in different categories-

  • Siddharth Barua (IX) First Prize (80 mtrs Race),

  • Yuvraj Singh (VII) Third Prize (80 mtrs Race),

  • Sunil Aherwa (VII) 5th Prize (80 mtrs Race),

  • Sharik Sheikh (VII) 5th Prize (Obstacle Race),

  • Hiba Noor (IX) First Prize (Canvas Painting),

  • Aftab Ahmad (IX) Second Prize (Calligraphy),

  • Arnav Raj (VI) Third Prize (Elocution).

It was a fun-filled day, allowing the students to participate in new and exciting sports & other activities. The activities helped to motivate the students and increase their self confidence and self esteem. It provided them an opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities and to foster greater encouragement and a sense of well being. All the participants received their certificates, Prizes and Medals for their brilliant efforts throughout the day.

International Adolescent Summit 2017 11th To 13th December 2017

The 3 day International Adolescent Summit 2017 on life skills, gender values, health & well being was held at the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre from 11th -13th December. Organized by Expressions India. 45 students & 6 teachers participated in the 3 day summit in various competitions- Global health exhibition, Thematic jingle, Poster making, Adolescent quiz, Solo western music, Solo classical dance, Oratory competition & the youth parliament. Our school’s western instrumental band also performed. We also performed a group dance on environment conservation, titled ‘Prakriti’ & a NukkedNatak on gender issues & women empowerment.

Our exhibition stall was based on issues like child sexual abuse, POCSO act, social evils & substance abuse awareness which was highly appreciated by the dignitaries from NCERT, CBSE, UN agencies, school principals as well as several media people.

Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the former President of India was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony & he emphasized on the importance of child rights, child safety, inclusive education, value education, empowerment of youth, gender equality & the need for mobilizing the adolescents for community welfare projects & environmental conservation. Eminent CBSE & NCERT officials, Director of National Science Centre, school principals- Dr. AmitaWattal (Springdales School) & Dr. Usha Ram (Ex principal of Laxman Public School) were also present as panelists alongside Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Dr. JitendraNagpal- Director of Expressions India was honored by Shri Pranab Mukherjee for his leadership in child welfare & youth development initiatives.

70 schools from all over the country participated in the summit. Our school won prizes in the following events-

On the spot painting - First prize won by Devansha Babel, 10th - D

Adolescent quiz- First prize won by Tanya Salwan & Riddhi Gupta, 11th - E

Solo singing- Second prize won by Riya Tickoo, 11th - D

Our peer educators- Zainab (9th -I), Reeviya (11th -L) and Tanya Aggarwal (9th -I) were awarded medals for their exemplary display in the health exhibition. Our NukkadNatak& thematic jingle comprising of the following students-

  • NishitMathur, 11th - I

  • Shreeya Gupta, 11th - I

  • Anmol Malhotra, 11th - K

  • Aditya Saha, 9th - B

18 western band students under the guidance of our western music teacher, Mr. Rakesh Nigam, were applauded by all the dignitaries during the valedictory ceremony. Mr. Rakesh Nigam played the instrumental Casio for 2 hours during the award ceremony which was appreciated by everyone.

11 dance students performed ‘Prakriti’- a dance on conserving nature which had a magical effect on the audience.

Our peer educators attended training workshops on cyber bullying, child abuse, gender issues & importance of sex education. Ms. GeetaChandran- an eminent dancer, Priya Bhargava- Miss India wheelchair 2015 & Mr. Sirajuddin Qureshi- President of the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, were the guests of honour for the valedictory function who felicitated our participants & winners with trophies, medals & certificates.

Crusade 09th December 2017

Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram organized their annual Mathematics competition ‘CRUSADE’ on 9th December, 2017. Students from over 25 schools participated in the events. Ten students from grade 9 to 12 from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road were enthusiastic participants of the 4 events. In the opening ceremony, students of all participating schools were motivated by the kind words of the Principal of DPS R.K. Puram; Mrs.VanitaSehgal. It was a great learning experience for all. The Students of D.P.S. Mathura Road bagged the 3rd position in the Surprise Event. Overall, the ‘Crusade’ was enriching experience for the students of D.P.S. Mathura Road.

09th December 2017

Delhi Public School, R.K Puram hosted the annual, psychology and sociology event, MOSAIC’17 on 9 December 2017.  There were 4 main events revolving around the very idea and concept of psychology and sociology.  The Teacher Incharges were VandanaChakravarty and Anika Faruki. Abhishi Agarwal of class 11 H and NishitMathur of class 11th I participated in ACT IT OUT, and bagged the first position. Priyal of class 12 M participated in JUST A MINUTE, and RONALDO of class 12E won the first prize in CANVAS, an art event.

The competition included various integral aspects of psychology and sociology and brought out the importance, role and functioning of the same in an immensely innovative and ingenious manner, including numerable forms of liberal art such as theatre and painting. It was an extremely amusing and knowledgeable experience. The school wishes good luck to all the participants and all the proud award winners as they continue to bring laurels to the school.

05th December 2017

The music department participated in a competition on the composition of great saints such as Tulsidas; Amir Khusrau etc. on Tuesday 5 Dec at Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat.The name of the competition was VandeMataram Rolling Trophy music competition. 20 schools participated in the competition.Our school choir bagged the 3 prize. The students sang melodiously and won the hearts of the audience as well as the judges.

Amala Chatterjee Memorial Debate 2017 29th November 2017

The Debating Society of DPS Mathura Road organized the 43rd Inter-School Amala Chatterjee English Memorial Debate for Class VIII on 29 November 2017. The event saw an enthusiastic participation from ten prominent schools from Delhi NCR and witnessed an exuberant interplay of ideas. The topic this year was – “The World Today Begins With ‘Me’ and Ends in ‘I’”.

The debate commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Shri Manohar Lal, Vice Principals, Ms. Deeksha Khera and Ms. Asha Tuli, Academic Coordinator, Ms. Reema Sharma, Headmistress Junior School, Ms. Anju Sharma and Senior Mistress, Ms. Renu Puri and the distinguished guests. The Principal welcomed the guests and in his address and paid tribute to Amala Chatterjee, a former student of DPS Mathura Road, honoring her as a symbol of inner grit and determination essential in the making of a Despite.

The honorable judges for the debate were Dr. Mayank Kumar who teaches history at Satyawati College (Evening), University of Delhi and Mr Sanjay Kaw who is a media professional with more than thirty years of experience in various capacities in India and the UAE.

In his address, the Principal, Shri Manohar Lal, stressed on the importance of debating as it helps to develop the potential in oratory skills in students. He reiterated that a debate is an important event in our school calendar where we witness the finesse, composure and articulation in our multi-talented students.

Critical analysis, synthesis, rhetorical skill, and wit are keys to successful debating. The teams which won the debate were a combination of all the above. The young debaters showed excellent poise, advocating on many points of utmost importance. Adhiraj Chaddha of DPS Vasant Kunj was adjudged the best speaker, Pranavi Poddar of DPS Mathura Road bagged the second position and Shaurya Baijal of DPS Mathura Road and Manya Sarin of DPS RK Puram got the third position. DPS Mathura Road was adjudged the best team and received the Rolling Trophy, while the best interjector for the day was Amna Abdin of DPS Mathura Road.

The Vice Principal, Ms. Asha Tuli rendered the vote of thanks and complimented the Debating Society of DPS Mathura road for organizing such an enriching and heartening event. The event was brought to a closure with the national anthem.

National Dance Competition 25th November 2017

The Dance Club of DPS Mathura road recently participated in the DPS society National Dance Competition after winning the second position in the zonals. The competition saw participation of 24 schools from all over the country. The competition was held at DPS Noida and was judged by dance experts Kavita Dwivedi, a renowned odissi dancer, Suhail Bhat, maestro in Bharatnatyam and Shailija Nalwade, an accomplished Kathak dancer. The school presented a wonderful Manipuri dance on the theme- “JAGRITI: awakening of the mind, body and soul.” The dance performance was appreciated by the judges for its unique style and costumes and the treatment of the theme in a sensitive yet intelligent way.

Opinions Matter 2017 22th November 2017

“It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.”- Joseph Joubert. The Debating Club of DPS Mathura Road organized the Annual Inter School Debate ‘Opinions Matter’ for Classes XI and XII on 22 November 2017. The event saw an enthusiastic participation from over nine prominent schools from Delhi NCR and witnessed an exuberant interplay of opinions, rightfully owning up to its name, debating on the topic ,“Censorship- a spoke in the wheel of progressive creativity.”

The event commenced with the propitious lightning of the lamp which was followed by the Vice Principal, Ms. Deeksha Khera’s address welcoming the esteemed judges. She stated that debating makes you question your opinion, raises confidence, promotes active thinking, and gives you the ability to spread ideas. The Academic Coordinator Ms. Reema Sharma declared the debate open.

This year’s esteemed Jury included Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh- Indian Revenue Officer, presently posted as Joint Commissioner in Goods and Services Department, Faridabad,  Amit Arora - a Journalist, Newsreader, Anchor, Radio Jockey, Quiz Master and a Commentator and Mr. Animesh Singh, a journalist who is an alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) New Delhi.

The overall trophy was bagged by DPS Mathura Road, represented by Himanshi Bahl and Yousuf Khan. Himanshi Bahl was declared the best speaker along with Aditya Shukla of DPS Vasant Kunj. While the second position was shared by Yousuf Khan DPS Mathura Road and Anushka Das of DPS RK Puram. Dhwani Tekchandani from DPS Vasant Kunj was declared the best interjector. The vote of thanks was rendered by Vice Principal Administration Ms. Asha Tuli.  The National Anthem brought closure to the morning crème de la crème exonerating the firmest of their beliefs, yet again.

Art Poetica 18th November 2017

Our school participated in Dr. Prem Kirpal Inter School Art and Poetry Competitions – Art Poetica at Delhi Public School, RK Puram on 18th November, 2017. Fourteen students participated in a variety of literary events organized by the host school. Omar Islam Laskar and Pranavi Poddar of Class VIII won the third prize in the limerick writing competition titled ‘Lime in Rhyme’. The winners received the trophies. Certificates of participation were given to all the participants. It was an enriching and motivating experience for the students.

Core 10 07th To 08th November 2017

Our school participated in CORE 10, an inter-school Computer Symposium-2017 organized by DPS Dwarka on 7th& 8th November 2017. We won third position in Gaming and qualified prelims of Junior Quiz and Group Discussion.

Following are the details of events and participants

S.No. Name Class Event
1 Dhruv Khurana XII I Gaming
2 Abhik S Basu X D Group Discussion
3 Sauhard Jain IX B Creative & Digital Imaging
4 Binay Singh Chawla XI A
5 Arnav Jain XI K Senior Quiz
6 Aditya Lakshminarayanan XI A
7 Arjun Kumar IX F Junior Quiz
8 Areeb Mansoor IX C

Ace’17 03rd November 2017

Delhi Public School, Dwarka recently organised ACE’2017, their annual inter school commerce event on 3rd November 2017. There were several interesting competitions revolving around various concepts of economics, finance and marketing. 25 schools from around Delhi NCR participated making the competition quite stiff.  A team of 8 students represented Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.  Abhishi Agarwal of class 11th participated in TRYST WITH ECONOMY. Nishit Mathur, Shreeya Gupta, Anmol Malhotra of class 11th and Sanya Gangotia of class 10th participated in AD LIBITUM. Samarth Luthra and Saksham Gupta of class 12th participated in THE BIZ QUIZ and Vidhu Paul of class 12th participated in SUBJECT TO MARKET RISK. Abhishi Agarwal bagged the 1ST position in tryst with economy and was awarded with a gold medal and a certificate; the other participants were also awarded certificates of participation. The various events motivated and enhanced the commercial skills of students as they gained exposure to the complex phenomenon and reforms concerning the world economy and its market. The school wishes luck to the participants and hopes that they continue to bring laurels to the school.

Scientia – Chemistry Day 27th October 2017

Scientia Chemistry Day was held on 27th October 2017in which 148 students of Classes VI-XI participated in various events as follows:

  • 33 Students of Class VI took part in Poster Making Competition

  • 30 students of Class VIII took part in Ad mad.

  • 36 Students of Class IX took part in Hot spot

  • 05 Students of Class X took part in Debate.

  • 14 Students of Class XI took part in titration Competition.

The results of various are as follows:

Results of various competitions

Event 1st Position 2nd Position 3rd Position Consolation
Poster Making (VI) Kavya Mittal (C)
Aanya Gupta (E)
Ms. Aqdas Raashid (E)
Hamda Siddiqui (A)
Raiha Akhtar (D)
Deeksha Mittal (G)
Mahika Aggarwal (E)
Avidha Haldar  (G)
Devansh Jain (H)
Ad Mad(VIII) Vidhi (D)
Sonakshi (D)
Ridhi And Pranavi (H)
Kushagra (G)
Ramish (G)
Mridul (C)
Pranav (C)
Pratyush (C)
Aryan (C)
Shivi (C)
Ishika (C)
Shrey (E)
Ahsan (E)
Uddhav (H)
Chirag (H)
Aditya (H)
Ojas (C)
Shourya (C)
Noor (A)
Hiba (A)
Hot-Spots(IX) Ayaan (G) Arya Chawla (H) Sai Stuti (E)
Ansh Goyal (I)
Debate(X) Akshat Goel (A) Chayan Sinha (H) Samar J Laskar (I)
Abhik S Basu (D)
How Precise Is The End Point?? (XI) Riddhi Gupta (E) Vishesh Goel (A)
Shoumyadeep Dhani (C)
Shreya Singh (C) Shlok Aggarwal (B)
Mridul Poojary (B)

AIMUN 16th To 18th October 2017

  • Ridhima Gupta won Best Delegate in UN General Assembly (SOCHUM)

  • Raunak Chopra won Special Mention Award in IAEA

  • Aman Karim won Special Mention in UN Security Council

  • Abhik S. Basu won special mention in Human Rights Council

  • Areeb Mansoor and Sauhard Jain participated in ECOSOC

  • Arjun Kumar participated in UNEP

Our school represented Russian Federation.

DPSNMUN 2017 11th To 12th October 2017

Our School represented People’s Republic of China and won the Best Delegation trophy (Overall Trophy).

Inter School Sanskrit Olympiad 17th August 2017

The event was held at Amity International School, Saket on 31/01/2017. Anshika Jain of XI E of our school got third position amongst 228 student participants from 14 different schools of Delhi NCR.She was awarded the Prize (cash Rs. 400/- along with a certificate) at a function held on 17/08/2017 during Sanskrit Week celebrations. HOD Sanskrit of JamiaMilia University was the Chief Guest.

Quiz Club 11th August 2017

Grey Matters 2017 held at DPS VasantKunj on Thursday, 11 August 2017. Our School participated in Grey Matters, the Inter-School Quiz Festival organised by Delhi Public School, VasantKunj on Thursday, August 11, 2017. The event consisted of a Senior Quiz (open for all classes) and Junior Quiz (for classes IX – X). The quiz composed of two rounds: written preliminary and on-stage finals. The event saw participation of 30 prestigious schools in Delhi-NCR. Our Senior Quiz team qualified for the second round which was conducted by eminent quizmaster, Mr.Parnab Mukherjee. The Senior Quiz team bagged the third position out of the top eight schools.

Nrityanjali 2017 05th August 2017

Delhi Public School, Faridabad hosted the annual inter-DPS dance festival, Nrityanjali on the 5th of August 2017 under the aegis of the DPS society in which renowned schools from Delhi NCR participated. DPS Mathura Road performed a pure Manipuri classical style dance on the theme: “JAGRITI; AWAKENING OF THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL”. Our school bagged the 1st runners up position and qualified for the National level dance competition which will take place at the end of the year. The treatment of the theme in Manipuri was sensitive and very intelligently portrayed as peculiarly claimed on the mark sheet by the judges- Ms VidhaLal, a multi-faceted kathak exponent who is a disciple of renowned guru Smt. GantanjaliLal of Jaipur Gharana, best known for  recently making a Guinness World Record of most number of spins (103) in a minute and Ms.Ragini Chandrasekhar, the renowned young Bharatnatyam dancer who is the daughter of senior dancer Jamuna Krishnan and was conferred with the highly prestigious ‘UstadBismillah Khan YuvaPuruskar Award’ in 2010. In own words of the judges the lovely makeup and costume along with the soft treatment of the subject, added to the spectacular effect which was undoubtedly eye pleasing and helped the team to stand out.

Kala Utsav” Theatre Event 04th August 2017

The Directorate of Education organized Kala Utsav at district and state level for all govt./govt. aided schools/private schools under Directorate of Education. Kala Utsav is an initiative by MHRD under RMSA scheme to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of school students. As an effort to include students with special needs and diverse socio- economic backgrounds in the mainstream and celebrate their abilities/talents through “Kala Utsav”. On 4th August 2017, our school, took the initiative and sent 10 students with special needs, diverse socio economic backgrounds to SarvodayaVidyalaya, Aligunj, Lodhi Colony accompanied by Special Educator, Mr.EhsanulHaque. The theme of this year’s Kala Utsav was “Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat” which appealed to the unity of our country. This year 10 students from classes IX, X, XI and XII made the school proud by displaying exemplary theatre skills and winning Second prize at the district and state level. As the theme of the event was “Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat, our students put up a very realistic drama which was appreciated both by the judges and audience.

Oratorio’17 18th To 19th May 2017

The prestigious annual conference organized by the Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar was held on 18th May- 19th May, this year in their School. Students of DPS Mathura Road’s Model United Nations Club, MUNQS were allotted Russian Federation and Poland.

The following students were awarded:-

  • Naman Gupta (XI-H) participated in Financial Stability Board and won the Best Delegate.

  • Aryan Dua (XI-G) participated in United Nations Security Council and won the High Commendation.

  • Ridhima Gupta (XI-L) participated in United Nations General Assembly and won the High Commendation.

  • Raunak Chopra (XI-B) participated in Open Ended Working Group and won the High Commendation.

  • Abhik S Basu (X-D) participated in International Syria Support Group and won a Special Mention.

  • Aman Karim (XI-D) participated in International Syria Support Group and won a Special Mention.

  • Sankalp Mishra (XII-L), Akshat Chopra (XII-D) and Shivam Shorewala (XII-H), presided in the capacity of Vice Chairperson, in UNGA, ISSG and OEWG, respectively.

  • Our School bagged the only Best Delegation Trophy, maintaining its 7 year winning streak.

Quizebate’17 04th To 05th May 2017

Modern School, Vasant Vihar organised an inter school competition, ‘QUIZEBATE’, on the 4th and 5th of May 2017. The competition comprised two main events- quiz and debate. The students of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated and qualified for the semi- final round in the quiz while Vitti Joshi of class XII-M secured the first position in debate competition. The event proved to be a resourceful insight in the world of quiz and debate and helped the students in gaining confidence.

Ryan International School Model United Nations 2017 29th April 2017

The Model United Nations and Quiz Society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated in the prestigious Ryan International School Model United Nations 2017. The conference witnessed participation of more than 30 schools across the Delhi-NCR region. The Model UN Society of our school once again proved its dominance by conquering almost each and every committee and bagged the Best Delegation trophy for the 6th consecutive year. Students from our school also served as the members of the executive board and made the conference an enriching experience.

The following students brought laurels to our school:

  • Sankalp Mishra-Vice President, The Council of Hamas

  • Akshat Chopra- Vice Chairperson, United Nations General Assembly IV

  • Shivam Shorewala- Vice Chairperson, United Nations Human Rights Council

  • Vibhav Khandelwal- Vice President, Historic Meet of the International Monetary Fund

  • Aayush Anand- Vice President, The Council of Fatah

  • Ridhima Gupta- Best Delegate, United Nations Human Rights Council

  • Saharsh Panjwani- Best Delegate, United Nations General Assembly IV

  • Akshat Goel- Best Delegate, United Nations General Assembly IV

  • Naman Gupta- Best Delegate, Historic Meet of the International Monetary Fund

  • Aman Karim- Best Delegate, The Council of Fatah

  • Aryan Dua- High Commendation, United Nations Security Council

  • Raunak Chopra- High Commendation, International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Raghav Bhatia- Participation, 1860 National Meet of Princely States

  • Upmanyu Magotra- Best Cartoonist

  • Ananya Sharma- Best Photographer

Inter Section English Debate Class XII 21st April 2017

The debating society of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road organised the Inter Section English Debate for class XII on Friday, 21st April 2017. Able and Aspirant debaters of class XII addressed their views on the following topics:

  • Patriotism Is On The Wane.

  • The Limelight On Social Media Is Nothing But A Temporary Bubble.

  • Censorship: A Spoke In The Wheel Of Creativity.

The panel of judges was chaired by Ms Kunjan Kacker, in charge English Debating Society and Ms Manisha Varma, In-charge activities council. Ms Asha Tuli, Vice-principal of  DPS Mathura road, Ms Rajini Dhingra, Hod English, Ms Reema Sharma and Ms Poonam Gupta, In-charge English Debating Society, motivated the participants with their presence.

The winners of the debate were:

  • First Prize: Himanshi Bahl And Yousuf Khan.

  • Second Prize: Ishhan Imam And Shivam Shorewala.

  • Third Prize: Sankalp Mishra And Manvee Bansal.

  • Motivational Prizes: Heeba Afaf And Samay Goel.

  • Best Interjectors: Anushka Gupta And Dhruv Khurana.

Apart from the debate , the Debating Society of Delhi Public School Mathura Road , for the very first time hosted an Extempore event as well , in which the students of class XI and XII eagerly took part , all the participants , actively put forward their arguments on all the topics .