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Trip & Excursion

Report on Summer Trips 2015

Delhi Public school students are given the opportunity to participate in various school trips, during the vacations. This summer, various trips were organised for different classes.


  • Chamba, Dalhousie,Dharamshala,Chandigarh :- This seven days trip was organised for students of classes VI and VII. Sixty students and six teachers participated. The students visited the beautiful hill stations and also participated in the various trekking, character building and leadership activities. It was highly successful trip.
  • Mussoorie (Kanatal camping) :-This six days trip was organised for students of class XII. Sixty seven students and five teachers participated. This was a camping trip. The students participated in various trekking, character building, adventure and leadership activities. It was highly successful trip. The students came back rejuvenated.
  • Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain) :- This trip was highlight of the summer vacations. About forty students and four teachers participated in this global exposure, educational trip. They learned about the culture of the various European countries visited. It was a thirteen days trip. The trip was very successful.
  • Kulu, Manali, Manikaran:- The trip was organised for students of class IX and X. Eighty students and nine teachers accompanied the eight days trip. This trip involved a lot of trekking and adventure activities. The programme also included character building and leadership activities.
  • IInd Japan Exchange Programme:- Fourteen students and two teachers went for the nine days exchange programme held in Fukuoka. The programme involved home stay with Japanese families. A visit was also organised to Tokyo. Student came back with fond memories of Japan.
  • Gir (Gujarat) & Ahmedabad:- Students of class VIII participated in this seven days programme. Students enjoyed the safari trips in the Gir wild life sanctuary. They witnessed a variety of flora and fauna. The highlight of the trip was the sighting of the Lion family. Students were very happy with this trip.
  • Bangalore, Mysore Ooty:- Twenty one students and two teachers participated in the eight days programme. A very successful trip to South India.

Note:-We are planning to organise many more educational programmes for the winter vacations.

NASA U.S.A Trip June 2013

Under the visionary guidance of our Principal Sir Mr. M. I. Hussain, 32 students from classes 9th to 12th were accompanied by Mr. Sudhakar Kaushik, Ms.Manisha Paul and Ms. Anita Marwah to the United States of America for a visit to USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s prestigious Space Centre in the summer vacations of academic session 2013-2014.
Organized in collaboration with Atlantis, the students travelled to Orlando, Florida where they visited Kennedy Space Center, first of all for a 5 days rigorous Space Robotic programme called “Space Trek”. In this programme students made their own robot, learnt to drive and control it wirelessly to ultimately compete for a challenge to move on artificially created lunar surface. This made them to learn how space probes like ROVER are controlled wirelessly from earth station. It was indeed a marvellous experience of life time for our students. Who knows, this programme itself may become the great inspiration and one of our students joins NASA doing the same job for a real space probe soon in near future.
Students also visited various spots/ pavilions in vast campus of NASA, “The Shuttle Launch Simulator”, “session on microgravity”, “I-Max 3-D space movies”, “Exploration space”, “Rocket garden”, “Early exploration”, “Robot scout”, “Apollo/Saturn V Center” were few of them. Students had lunch with a well-known astronaut, John David Bartoe. Students interacted with astronaut to ask his memorable experiences in space. Photograph session was also there with the astronaut. In NASA’s bus tour, students saw launch sites, space vehicle assembly building. They had a close view of the 350-foot-high fixed service structure, rotating service structure, propellant storage containers, water tanks, flame trench that was the lift-off point for most space shuttle missions and Apollo moon missions.
They enjoyed great Atlantic at Cocoa beach, Florida and also went to down town in Orlando city.
Afterwards, they visited the world famous Universal Studios and Disney Magic in Orlando, Florida and then went to New York City, the capital of the world. A bus tour took them around Brooklyn. They visited Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, Times Square, Madam Tussauds wax museum.
This 12 day trip, students will always cherish in their memories in whole life.
Special thanks to Principal Sir for organising such a wonderful educational trip of life time.

Thirty five students from classes 9th to 12th were accompanied by Mrs. Deeksha Khera (HOD Physics), Mrs Anjali Gupta and Mrs. Anubha Dua of the Science department to the United States of America for a visit to USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s prestigious Space Camp in the summer vacations of academic session 2012-2013.
Organized in collaboration with Frontiers Edutainment Pvt Ltd, the students travelled to the US Space & Rocket Center at 1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, Alabama, near the famous Marshall Space Flight Center, where all International Space Station operations are monitored. Here, they spent a week attending the most prestigious Advanced Space Academy program and were rigorously trained by NASA instructors. They attended classes where they were taught various things such as the working of a space suit, the space shuttle, capsule landing, rocket pyrotechnics, etc. They performed experiments such as building a rocket with a payload from scratch designed to bring the payload safely back to the ground, making a ‘space suit’ to protect an apple from conditions undergone in space (radiation, space junk, etc), making a heat shield using concepts used in those in space capsules with everyday materials, and many more. In the sprawling US Space and Rocket Center grounds themselves were a museum in themselves, with a Rocket Park having life size models of real NASA rockets used in history, different components and pieces of innovation, engines, real artifacts and displays from space voyages, and a shuttle square having a real, assembled shuttle on display right above their heads. The NASA instructors made sure to relay an enormous amount of pieces of information and trivia about space and NASA’s history. The students experienced 4 Gs of G-Force in a simulator, the weightlessness of space in an underwater SCUBA tank, spun around in every direction in a Multi-Axis Trainer, performed Extra Vehicular Activities while ‘space-walking’, and were trained first-hand in many shuttle missions, where they took control of the space station, a shuttle, and mission control in life-size simulators. Even their living quarters were designed in such a way that they mimicked living quarters in space.
After this highly educating and phenomenal week, the students graduated from the Advanced Space Academy and went to Orlando, Florida. Here they visited Kennedy Space Center, where they saw the launch sites of NASA missions and had lunch with an astronaut, with whom they interacted enthusiastically. Afterwards, they visited the world famous Universal Studios and Sea World in Orlando, Florida and then went to New York City, the capital of the world. A bus tour took them around all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and visits to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, and the Intrepid Museum rounded off the 12 day trip which the students will always cherish in their memories.

Trip to U.S.A.

The much awaited U.S. trip finally took off from I.G.I. Airport on 20th June 2012 with 35 students. We took a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to New York. Reached JFK Airport, New York at 4:30 P.M., where our coach was waiting. We were excited and nothing could dampen our spirits. From the airport, we landed straight at Times Square and were amazed by the lights of this mega city. The most happening place, indeed! So full of lights of various colours! Next morning we toured New York city. First we took a Cruise Liberty Island for a spectacular view of New York city skyline and for a close view of the famous American icon of freedom - The statue of Liberty. We also saw 5th Avenue, Rockfeller Center, Ground Zero, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, U.N. building, Central Park, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. We also visited the 86th floor observatory of Empire state building for a bird’s eye view of the city.
Next morning we drove to Washington DC, the capital of U.S.A. Here we visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum which maintains the largest collection of historic air & spacecrafts in the world. Later we visited Lincoln Memorial, Supreme Court, Union Station, Pentagon building and the Senate. We also clicked photographs in front of the White House, the residence of the President of U.S.
On our way to Niagara Falls, we visited the famous Hershey’s Chocolate World. Here we were actually shown the delicious transformation from bean to milk chocolate and our bags were heavier by 2-5 kg. When we left Hershey’s loaded with chocolate! At night we visited Niagara Falls – lit up beautifully and Toronto on the other side. What a pity, we did not have the visa to Canada! After breakfast next morning, we boarded the famous boat, ‘Maid of the Mist’- which took us close to the thundering Falls. It was a fantastic journey through crashing water surrounded by massive rock formations.
Orlando, the sixth largest city of Florida was our next stop. We visited Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom where fantasy becomes reality. We enjoyed some popular rides amidst rain.
Our next destination was Las Vegas (on the West Coast Now) the gambler’s Paradise. We were enamoured by the synchronized LED modules offering crisp, high- resolution images & astounding special effects. We loved the Musical Fountain show at Bellagio. From Stratosphere tower one could see the entire city of Vegas. We also visited the famous Vega Strip but were not of age yet to try our luck at the casinos.
From here to drove to Los Angeles entertainment capital of the world, the glamour capital. We saw the Kodak Theatre, which hosts the Annual Academy Awards, the Oscars and walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We also saw the hand & footprints of some very famous Hollywood stars. We drove down the famous sunset Strip, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive- known for worlds most expensive shopping. As our luck would have it, we also spotted the famous actress Kim Kardashain! Dreamy eyed, we dreamt about Hollywood the whole night!
Six hours drive from Los Angeles brought us to our find destination- San Francisco. Here we visited twin peaks, Fisherman’s Wharf and pier 39- the liveliest part of the city. And finally the much awaited and the most famous – Golden Gate bridge. But as our luck would have it, there was a lot of fog and the bridge was not very clearly visible. We returned to Delhi on 4th July 12 with unforgettable and wonderful memories of our trip to U.S.A
We are very grateful to our Principal Sir for providing us with the opportunity to visit USA & get global exposure. It was indeed a great learning experience.

Visit of German Delegation to DPS Mathura Road

India and Germany have enjoyed long-standing historic and cultural ties. The bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Federal Republic of Germany have been traditionally strong due to strong commercial, cultural and strategic cooperation. To strengthen these ties furthermore, Delhi Public School Mathura Road, flagship school of DPS Society is also doing its bit
On 28.10.2010, 19 students of Johann Schoener Gymnasium, Karlstadt along with Ms Anja Oliva and Mr. Ulrich Horning arrived at the new terminal (T3) of the Indira Gandhi airport and had an experience of the new outlook of Delhi.
DPS Mathura Road student’s alongwith Ms. Manju Mehra, Link coordinator and Ms Dilma, German Teacher gave a floral welcome to fellow German counterparts along with the traditional Tilak ceremony.
The very next day they were exposed to the India’s pink city & the world of maharajas -Jaipur. They also visited the mesmerizing world wonder, the Tajmahal at Agra organized by Mrs. Nitu Bakshi, Exchange Coordinator. The students spent quality time learning about the great Indian culture and tasting some traditional Indian cuisine.
The history of Indo–German relations is marked by decades of friendship and cooperation and we at DPS Mathura Road really hope that this journey which has brought two cultures under single roof once again will help the Germans to take back home fond memories after their two weeks stay in Delhi.

Classes VI - XII

Trips and tours are an integral part of the school co-curricular activity calendar. The focus of these trips is to give world wide exposure to children and also create awareness about India's rich heritage.

Trips also give a welcome break to children and teachers.

Provide relief from stress.

Bring children closer to nature and environment and help to create a sense of respect for the same.

Cultivate a spirit of self confidence.

Opportunity to meet different people and learn from their experience Eg.. Forest experts.

Bring children closer to their heritage and foster respect for it.

Adventure activities make students daunting by providing challenges.

A variety of tours include adventure trips, historical trips, educational trips to foreign countries, trekking and camping programmes.

Over the years the following memorable trips have been conducted.
S.No city S.No city
1 Agra 12 Mussoorie
2 Jaipur, Ajmer 13 Bhakra Nangal - Chandigarh
3 Nainital 14 Trekking to Hartola
4 Jim Corbett and Ranikhet 15 Mukhteshwar- Camping
5 Goa 16 Gwalior, Shivpuri
6 Bombay, Aurangabad, Ajanta , Ellora 17 Mauritius
7 Australia 18 Nepal
8 Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok 19 Narora Atomic Power Plant
9 Europe 20 Udaipur
10 Amritsar 21 Panchmarhi
11 Simla 22 Kulu, Manali, etc,

Trip to Goa

May 2009

About 50 students and 5 teachers were part of the air trip to Goa in May 2009. The culture of Goa and it's breathtaking beach resorts mesmerized our students. The cruise on river Mandovi which included a Goan cultural programme show, was a memorable experience. The students visited Don Paula, Old Goa and the famous St Xaviers church.
The cuisine in the hotel included the famous fish curry. The children also enjoyed the water sports at Calangute beach resort. The other beaches at Sinquerim, Bagah and Colva were equally wonderful.
Each and every trip has it's educational value. This trip gave an insight into the rich Goan culture. The students also learnt social skills, developed leadership qualities and also learnt to handle themselves independently.

Trip to Europe

May 2008

This trip came as a surprise as a foreign trip was announced after a 6 years gap. The trip included a visit to U.K, France and Italy. It comprised of 25 students and 2 teachers.

Paris- The first halt was at Paris. The students had the opportunity to visit Euro - Disney, Palace at Versailles and also witness the beautiful and magnificent Arc-De, Triomphe memorial,the Champs Elysees Avenue, Tour de Eiffel and also took the cruise on River Seine.

Rome-Visited Vatican City and the Colloseum.

Florence, Pisa and Venice- Venice was a dream come true. The programme included a gondola ride, view of bridge of Sighs and a visit to Doges Palace. Florence was a typical Italian town and a guided walking tour was a pleasure. Pisa-students visited the Leaning tower of Pisa, one of the seven wonders of the world.

London- London was the last halt of this 12 day trip. The sightseeing included visit to Madam Tussauds, Buckingham palace, Big Ben and the London Eye.

The global exposure on this trip was immense and valuable.

Trip to Jim Corbett and Ranikhet

April 2008

A 3 nights / 4 days trip to Jim Corbett and Ranikhet was conducted during April 2008. This was a purely adventure trip.
The stay was at Corbett Grand Suman resort, which was located in the jungle.
The itinerary was exciting. It included Nature walk and jungle safari by jeeps at 5 am in the morning. Every child was punctual and enjoyed each and every minute of the three hours safari. The students were fortunate to spot the tiger as well. This trip brought children closer to nature.

Dav-2- Proceed to Ranikhet

The programme included adventure activities such as : Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Traversing, Tarzen swing and river crossing. The night activities included a bonfire dance programme. The Students came back from the trip with a dare devil attitude, fully refreshed and recharged for a full term study back at school.

Trip to Amritsar

October 2007

A group of 150 students and 15 teachers embarked on a trip to Amritsar and Wagah. The trip was conducted by train.
The itinerary included a visit to the Golden Temple, Jallianwallan Bagh and the famous Indo-Pak Border at Wagah. Here the children witnessed a co-ordinated and spectacular display of Indians and Pakistani Border troops.
The guided trip allowed students to relive history after seeing the Martyr's well at Jalliawala Bagh. The history of the Golden Temple enhanced their knowledge of Sikhism. They also witnessed the beauty and grandeur of the Sikh shrine made by Sikh Gurus.
The trip also enhanced camaraderie amongst students and was of great educational value.

An Exotic Holiday With School Friends Trip To Mumbai Ajanta Ellora


2000 year old history, mesmerizing sculptures, paintings depicting fight against the cruelty of time, panoramic sea views, Bollywood allure, all packed in one tour. Club Nine of DPS Mathura Road organized a school trip to Mumbai and Ajanta and Ellora caves. Consisting of 36 students, this group had the time of their lives. After a one day journey by train to Mumbai, our eyes met the sight of the gorgeous beaches and received that soothing effect which is so immense. The first day in Mumbai was like a dream come true for most students as they met their idols, the scintillating Bollywood stars. We were introduced to Chunky Pandey and Arjun Ram
Next morning saw us getting wet and wild at the Juhu beach. The magnificent tides almost suddenly emerged and attacked us with immense force, as if they meant to take away everything with them into the great depths of the ocean and leave behind many of its precious secrets.

Trip to Gwalior & Shivpuri

Trips are always very exciting, well, so was our trip to Gwalior and Shivpuri. 40 students were escorted by 4 teachers- Mrs. Nitu Bakshi, Mrs. Ritu Khurana, Mrs. Seema Mishra and Mr. Khalid.
Our fabulous trip started in Shivpuri on 22 October at the famous 'Madhav National Park' where we saw many wild animals like Sambhar, Langur, Barasingha etc. We saw the 'chattris' (ancient memorials of the kings) which were engraved with beautiful sculpture. The next morning we went for bird watching but couldn't see a single bird as we were late! Because we all refused to get up very early in the morning!
Our next stop was Gwalior. The sculpture and the architecture of the temples was breathtaking. We went everywhere in Gwalior- right from the crowded streets of the markets to the majestic Gwalior Fort. There was also a sound and light show in which many children actually fell asleep! - but only because they couldn't understand the real beauty of the show. And believe it or not!- we actually met the present Maharaja of Gwalior! Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia. For many, it was like a dream come true! Our lovely trip ended on 24 October 2004.
These three days were full of excitement and fun. They showed us the majestic beauty of our Indian architecture and also gave us an opportunity to be away from school and studies, yet with our dearest friends. It was a trip of a lifetime and will remain fresh in our minds forever.
Akhila Nagar VIC

Trip to Jaipur and Ranthamvore

A trip to Ranthambore Games Sanctuary via Jaipur was organized from 30 Dec. '03 to 1 Jan' 04. About seventy students accompanied by six teachers participated.


At Ranthambore close to nature experience:

Safari -study of Animal behaviour. Animals spotted were- Spotted deer, Sambhar, Blue bulls, Beavers, different species of birds.

Interesting facts - Spotting of a tiger kill

Learning facts - Maintaining Jungle discipline

Study of topography - An interesting discovery was the frozen lava hills.

Trip to Kauri Pass

This year a trekking of Uttranchal Hills (Kauri Pass) was organized to inculcate the habit of self help, confidence, helping fellow trekkers and develop team spirit among the students. In addition to this, children got an opportunity to see, snow capped mountains, green meadows, exotic flowers, unknown to city man.
When we reached the base camp at Tapovan after travelling hundreds of kilometers, the children were all dead tired and had many complaints. On the second day the mood of the children changed and they thoroughly enjoyed the trek as well as other activities like rock climbing, ice sliding, river crossing and kite flying.