DPS Mathura Road requires TGT (History) | Digital Library | Admission Process For The Academic Session 2021-22
DPS Mathura Road requires TGT (History) Digital Library Visit to DPS Mathura Road by Sh. Manish Sisodia - Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi & Education Minister on 18 January 2021.
Notice Board
English Department
S. No. Name Email Id
1 Mrs. Manisha Varma hodenglish@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Fauzia Umar fauzia@dpsmathuraroad.org publication@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Poonam Gupta poonamgupta@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Rubina Rehan rubina@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Ms. Deeksha Bhardwaj deekshabh@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Ms. Mitasha Saini mitasha@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Kamini Dhody kamini@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Nita Jain nita@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Lubna Darokhan lubna@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mrs. Anita Dixit anitadixit@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Mrs. Seema Anjum seemaanjum@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Ms. Gayatri Verma gayatriverma@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Ms. Sonam Kanda sonam@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Ms. Richa Babbar richababbar@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Mrs. Neha Srivastava nehashrivastav@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Ms. Nikita Khosla nikita@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Dr. (Mrs.) Ashish Vashisth ashishv@dpsmathuraroad.org
18 Mrs. Vina Trivedi vina@dpsmathuraroad.org
19 Ms. Mamta mamta@dpsmathuraroad.org
20 Mrs. Rashmi Bhardwaj rashmi@dpsmathuraroad.org
21 Ms. Puja Singh puja@dpsmathuraroad.org
22 Ms. Asmita Pant asmita@dpsmathuraroad.org
23 Ms. Anuradha anuradha@dpsmathuraroad.org
24 Mr. Naveen Kumar hodmaths@dpsmathuraroad.org
25 Mrs. Simi Arora simi@dpsmathuraroad.org
26 Mrs. Priyanka Tawakley priyankata@dpsmathuraroad.org
27 Mrs. Manisha Paul manishapaul@dpsmathuraroad.org
28 Ms. Rashmi Sagar rashmisagar@dpsmathuraroad.org
29 Mrs. Rakhi Tyagi rakhi@dpsmathuraroad.org
30 Mrs. Davesh Lobo davesh@dpsmathuraroad.org
31 Mrs. Rashmi Bhartiya rashmibh@dpsmathuraroad.org
32 Mrs. Jyoti Sharma jyoti@dpsmathuraroad.org
33 Mrs. Neena Wason neenawason@dpsmathuraroad.org
34 Mrs. Yasheel Gupta yasheel@dpsmathuraroad.org
35 Mrs. Apurva Uppal apurva@dpsmathuraroad.org
36 Mrs. Vandana Garg vandana@dpsmathuraroad.org
37 Ms. Taru Malhotra taru@dpsmathuraroad.org
38 Ms. Shweta Negi shwetanegi@dpsmathuraroad.org
39 Mrs. Mukta Midha hodchemistry@dpsmathuraroad.org
40 Mrs. Yusra Faridi yusra@dpsmathuraroad.org
41 Mrs. Tabassum tabassum@dpsmathuraroad.org
42 Mrs. Sarika Saluja sarika@dpsmathuraroad.org
43 Mrs. Komal Arora komal@dpsmathuraroad.org
44 Mrs. Neena Sinha neena@dpsmathuraroad.org
45 Mrs. Neenu Sharma neenu@dpsmathuraroad.org
46 Mrs. Deepti Garg deepti@dpsmathuraroad.org
47 Mrs. Indermeet Sachdeva hodbiology@dpsmathuraroad.org
48 Mrs. Priyanka Bhattacharya priyanka@dpsmathuraroad.org
49 Mrs. Seema Misra seema@dpsmathuraroad.org
50 Mrs. Niyati Bahl niyati@dpsmathuraroad.org
51 Ms. Sheetal Srivastava sheetal@dpsmathuraroad.org
52 Ms. Bhawna Sehgal bhawna@dpsmathuraroad.org
53 Mrs. Anjali Gupta hodphysics@dpsmathuraroad.org
54 Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma N.A
55 Mr. Shiv Ratan Singh shivratan@dpsmathuraroad.org
56 Mr. Pawan Kumar Gautam pawankumar@dpsmathuraroad.org
57 Ms. Surabhi Bhargav surabhi@dpsmathuraroad.org
58 Mr. Sudhakar Kaushik sudhakar@dpsmathuraroad.org
59 Mrs. Anubha Mendiratta anubha@dpsmathuraroad.org
60 Mrs. Arveen Kaur arveen@dpsmathuraroad.org
61 Mrs. Sipra Shekhar sipra@dpsmathuraroad.org
62 Mrs. Monica R Sahni hodcomputer@dpsmathuraroad.org
63 Mrs. Anu Kumar anu@dpsmathuraroad.org
64 Mrs. Monika Sethi monika@dpsmathuraroad.org
65 Ms. Maninder Kaur maninderkaur@dpsmathuraroad.org
66 Mrs. Reeta Wadhwa hodart@dpsmathuraroad.org
67 Mrs. Pranita Sharma pranita@dpsmathuraroad.org
68 Mr. Pradip Rakshit pradip@dpsmathuraroad.org
69 Mr. Khalid Mohd. khalid@dpsmathuraroad.org
70 Mrs. Priti Andley priti@dpsmathuraroad.org
71 Mrs.Poonam Trikha poonamtrikha@dpsmathuraroad.org
72 Ms. Harshita Bakshi inchargehistory@dpsmathuraroad.org
73 Mrs. Renuka Bareja renuka@dpsmathuraroad.org
74 Ms.Monisha Dasgupta monisha@dpsmathuraroad.org
75 Ms. Ekta Rastogi ekta@dpsmathuraroad.org
76 Mr. Rajiv Sharma hodgeography@dpsmathuraroad.org
77 Mrs. Aruna Sharma aruna@dpsmathuraroad.org
78 Mrs. Fatima Khan fatima@dpsmathuraroad.org
79 Mrs. Anupama Khanna anupama@dpsmathuraroad.org
80 Ms. Niti Arora niti@dpsmathuraroad.org
81 Ms. Inderjeet Kaur coordinator@dpsmathuraroad.org
82 Mrs. Madhu Vaswani madhu@dpsmathuraroad.org
83 Mr. Santosh Sen santosh@dpsmathuraroad.org
84 Ms. Madhumita Saha madhumita@dpsmathuraroad.org & careermistress@dpsmathuraroad.org
85 Mrs. Neha Sharma neha@dpsmathuraroad.org
86 Mrs. Disha Grover dishagrover@dpsmathuraroad.org
87 Ms. Anisha Menon anisha@dpsmathuraroad.org
88 Ms. Disha Mendiratta dishamendiratta@dpsmathuraroad.org
89 Ms. Deepali Khanna deepali@dpsmathuraroad.org
90 Mr. Vikas Dutt vikasdutt@dpsmathuraroad.org
91 Mrs. Amit Kaur hodpe@dpsmathuraroad.org
92 Mr. Avinash Grover avinash@dpsmathuraroad.org
93 Mr. Harish Tomar harish@dpsmathuraroad.org
94 Ms. Shefali Arora shefali@dpsmathuraroad.org
95 Mr. Yakshap Jindal yakshap@dpsmathuraroad.org
96 Ms. Neeru neeru@dpsmathuraroad.org
97 Dr. Lalita Thakur lalita@dpsmathuraroad.org
98 Mr. Arun Kumar arun@dpsmathuraroad.org
99 Mr. Hemant Kumar hemant@dpsmathuraroad.org
100 Mr. Manoj Bhandari manojbhandari@dpsmathuraroad.org
101 Mrs. Alka Srivastava alka@dpsmathuraroad.org
102 Mrs.Piyali Nath piyali@dpsmathuraroad.org
103 Mrs. Suranjana Saha suranjana@dpsmathuraroad.org
104 Ms. Raseswari Nayak raseswari@dpsmathuraroad.org
105 Mr. Arindam Choudhary arindam@dpsmathuraroad.org
106 Mrs. Sangeeta Narang sangeeta@dpsmathuraroad.org
107 Mrs. Guneet Kaur Gujral guneet@dpsmathuraroad.org
108 Mr. T.A. Khan takhan@dpsmathuraroad.org
109 Mrs. P. Dilma dilma@dpsmathuraroad.org
110 Mrs. Ruchi Jain ruchi@dpsmathuraroad.org
111 Mrs. Astha Mahajan astha@dpsmathuraroad.org
112 Md Ehsanul Haque ehsanul@dpsmathuraroad.org
113 Ms. Manvi Bakshi manvi@dpsmathuraroad.org
114 Ms. Vandana Chakravarty hodpsycho@dpsmathuraroad.org & exam@dpsmathuraroad.org
115 Ms. Anika Faruki anika@dpsmathuraroad.org
116 Mrs. Savita Khetwal hodlib@dpsmathuraroad.org
117 Mrs. Sushma Dixit sushmadixit@dpsmathuraroad.org
1 Ms. Ranjana Dean headmistress@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Mrs. Roopa Arora roopa@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Sneh Lata Kaushik snehlata@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Kamna Arora kamna@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 M.s Priyanka Khanna priyankakhanna@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Ms. Amrita Gupta amritagupta@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Ms. Pooja Dhyani poojadhyani@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Ms. Ambika Midha ambikamidha@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Ms. Akshita akshita@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Ms. Chakshu Sharma Kalra chakshusharmakalra@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Ms. Monika Mishra monikamishra@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Ms. Rani Kumari ranijha@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Mrs. Anjula Puri anjula@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Mrs. Seema Gambhir seemagambhir@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Mrs. Sunali Suri sunali@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Mrs. Anshu Anurupa anshu@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Dr. N D Prabuddha ndprabuddha@dpsmathuraroad.org
18 Ms. Nisha Kakkar nishakakkar@dpsmathuraroad.org
19 Mrs. Rina Yadav rina@dpsmathuraroad.org
20 Ms. Bhavika Narain bhavika@dpsmathuraroad.org
21 Mrs. Kavita U Pant kavitapant@dpsmathuraroad.org
22 Mrs. Renu Bibra renubibra@dpsmathuraroad.org
23 Mrs. Anju Vij anjuvij@dpsmathuraroad.org
24 Mrs. Purnima Jain purnima@dpsmathuraroad.org
25 Mrs. Anu W. Bhalla anubhalla@dpsmathuraroad.org
26 Mrs. Ruchi Sharma ruchisharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
27 Ms. Renuka Kohli renukakohli@dpsmathuraroad.org
28 Ms. Upasana Khanna upasanakhanna@dpsmathuraroad.org
29 Ms. Tejasvini tejasvini@dpsmathuraroad.org
30 Mrs. Mandeep Kohli mandeep@dpsmathuraroad.org
31 Mrs. Vineeta Batra vineeta@dpsmathuraroad.org
32 Ms. Shubhangi Mathur shubhangi@dpsmathuraroad.org
33 Mrs. Rachna Garg rachnagarg@dpsmathuraroad.org
34 Mrs. Poonam Mitra poonammitra@dpsmathuraroad.org
35 Mrs. Navpreet Sahota navpreet@dpsmathuraroad.org
36 Ms. Shivi Khosla shivi@dpsmathuraroad.org
37 Mrs. Maninder J Kaur maninder@dpsmathuraroad.org
38 Mrs. Kanika Arora kanika@dpsmathuraroad.org
39 Mrs. Sabeeha Zarin sabeeha@dpsmathuraroad.org
40 Ms. Enakshi Arora enakshi@dpsmathuraroad.org
41 Mrs. Anubha Sabharwal anusabharwal@dpsmathuraroad.org
42 Mrs. Kavita Khanna kavitakhanna@dpsmathuraroad.org
43 Ms. Swati Verma swativerma@dpsmathuraroad.org
44 Mrs. Rashmeet Anand rashmeet@dpsmathuraroad.org
45 Ms.Ayushi Rawat ayushi@dpsmathuraroad.org
46 Mrs. Shweta Vig shweta@dpsmathuraroad.org
47 Mrs. Ritika Sangal ritika@dpsmathuraroad.org
48 Ms. Upasna Dixit upasna@dpsmathuraroad.org
49 Ms. Khushboo khushboo@dpsmathuraroad.org
50 Ms. Suman Sharma sumansharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
51 Ms. Megha Bhatia meghabhatia@dpsmathuraroad.org
52 Mrs. Nidhi Dua nidhidua@dpsmathuraroad.org
53 Mrs. Asna Ahmed asna@dpsmathuraroad.org
53 Mrs. Rachna Chhabra rachna@dpsmathuraroad.org
54 Mr. Anand Prakash anand@dpsmathuraroad.org
55 Mrs. Mukesh mukesh@dpsmathuraroad.org
56 Mrs. Kalpana Grover kalpanagrover@dpsmathuraroad.org
57 Ms. Chakshu Bhardwaj chakshu@dpsmathuraroad.org
58 Mrs. Geeta Sharma geetasharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
59 Mr. Shekhar Gangani shekhar@dpsmathuraroad.org
60 Mrs. Aparna Ravi raparna@dpsmathuraroad.org
61 Ms. Tapti Malhotra tapti@dpsmathuraroad.org
62 Ms. Rashmeet Kaur rashmeetkaur@dpsmathuraroad.org
63 Ms. Roopsee Mehan roopsee@dpsmathuraroad.org
64 Ms. Asma Nikhat asma@dpsmathuraroad.org
65 Ms. Monika Negi monikanegi@dpsmathuraroad.org
1 Ms. Roopa Arora roopa@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Bhawna Malik bhawna@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Ms. Gayatri Negi gayatri@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Ms. Shelly Satija shelly@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Ms. Fauzia Naz fauzianaz@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Ms. Sumita Roy sumita@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Ms. Shivani Dua shivani@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Ms. Gunjan Malik gunjan@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Ms. Beena Pandey beena@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Ms. Neha Mahajan nehamahajan@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Ms. Isabella Clive isabella@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Ms. Nishi Ahuja nishi@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Ms. Neesha Gadh neesha@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Ms. Akshee Gusain akshee@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Ms. Jasleen K.Vig jasleen@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Ms. Meenal Garg meenal@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Ms. Maya T maya@dpsmathuraroad.org
18 Ms. Sangeeta Mittal sangeetamittal@dpsmathuraroad.org
19 Ms. Dolly Dayal dolly@dpsmathuraroad.org
20 Ms. Punya Sarin punya@dpsmathuraroad.org
21 Ms. Ritu Raheja rituraheja@dpsmathuraroad.org
22 Ms. Rajni Parashar rajniparashar@dpsmathuraroad.org
23 Ms. Richa Pandey richa@dpsmathuraroad.org
24 Ms. Kanchan D. Keswani kanchan@dpsmathuraroad.org
25 Ms. Ritu Varma rituvarma@dpsmathuraroad.org
26 Ms. Neerja Gaba neerja@dpsmathuraroad.org
27 Ms. Chitwan Gill chitwan@dpsmathuraroad.org
28 Ms. Shaista Khan shaista@dpsmathuraroad.org
29 Ms. Deepti Sehgal deeptisehgal@dpsmathuraroad.org
30 Ms. Priyanka Stanley priyankastanley@dpsmathuraroad.org
31 Ms. Reshma Bano reshma@dpsmathuraroad.org
32 Ms. Jyotsana Jose jyotsana@dpsmathuraroad.org