Admission for Pre – School & Class 1 : 2019-20.
Congratulations to Sh. V.K.Shunglu, Chairman DPS Society – Padma Bhushan Awardee
Notice Board

PTA meetings give an opportunity to the parents and teachers to meet and discuss the progress of the children. The PTA has opened a Benevolent Fund to help and educate children who unfortunately lose their earning parent while they are still studying in the school.

This gesture has been greatly appreciated by young widows who would otherwise find it difficult to educate their children in DPS. Women, who unfortunately fall a victim to these circumstances, should apply every year to the Principal and Secretary, PTA for exemption of tuition fee for their children.

List of PTA Executive Members 2018-19

Class Parent Representative E-mail Ids
Pre School Dr. Rajat Kaur Thukral
Pre-Primary Mr. Tarun Gupta
I Ms. Aarti Sachdev
II Mr. Deepak Aggarwal
III Ms. Sheetal Arora
IV Mr. Deepak Batra
V Ms. Shruti Gupta
VI Ms. Riya Jain
VII Ms. Nalini Sangwan
VIII Ms. Sonia Sharma
IX Ms. Rashmi Khurana
X Dr. Sapna Maheshwari
XI Mrs. Pallavi Nath
XII Dr. Shalini Dua