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5TH July 2016, Our school counselor AsthaMahajan along with 6 students from classes 9th to 11th participated in a press conference on “Fair start campaign for every child” by UNICEF in collaboration with CBSE agency Expressions India at Imperial hotel. UNICEF representative Mr. Louis Georges Arsenaultand their brand ambassador for this campaign Bollywood Celebrity Ms. Priyanka Chopra empowered our children and sensitized them towards the inequalities that prevail in our society specially girls who are devoid of their right to education and emphasized on bringing gender equality and women empowerment.

On 9th July, A group of 20 students of class 6th along with 4 students of class 12th and counselors MrsNarang and MsManviJaggi visited the Gandhi Smriti museum where they saw the film on Gandhi Ji’s Life and the exhibition depicting the memories and principles and various national movements led by Gandhi Ji. Children paid homage to the place of martyrdom of Bapuji.

11th July 2016, MONDAY and 14thJuly , THURSDAY 2016, A 2 Day Child Rights Training Programme was carried out by the Solvenian Embassy in collaboration with NGO BachpanBachaoAndolan , 11 senior staff teachers and 2 junior school teachers were trained for 6hours on the awareness of Child Rights and its implementation in the school by providing child rights education to children from classes 6th to 8th. Child Rights expert and ex-ambassador BlankaJamnisek who is currently working as Human rights expert with the Slovenian Government carried forward this training alongwithBlazSlamic-First Secretary Political Affairs of Slovenian Embassy and Valentina De Caro Child Rigts Activist from BachpanBachaoAndolan. Teachers were trained with 13 modules on child rights consisting of the following:
Right to life, survival, adequate food, clean drinking water, right to get a name and acquire a nationality, right to live with family, right to education, right to expression, right to proper healthcare services, right to special care for differently able children, right to rest, play and recreate, right to protection against violence and abuse, right against child labour. Teachers made presentations on various child rights and discussed their plan of action and were rewarded with certificates from the Slovenian Ambassador. Our PTM Rep Mr. Sandeep Gupta also attended the training. Everyone was given the resource material and training manual on “Our Rights” as children.

12TH July 2016, TUESDAY

A visit to Slum Basti near the school campus was organized for class 7th students along with their Life skills Teachers and counselors Mrs. SangeetaNarang and Mrs. AsthaMahajan in their SUPW Periods (5th and 6th) to sensitize them towards the underprivileged. Children witnessed the unhygienic environment they live in and spread awareness on cleanliness, health and hygiene amongst them. They did a nukkadnattak to also spread awareness on ill effects of tobacco on Health. Overall it was a unique experience for students to be sensitized towards the needs of poor and underprivileged in our society.

On the same day we had an informative session organized for class 12th(A-F) (Science Stream)in their SUPW Periods (8th& 9th)on Applying Abroad and preparing for SAT entrance exam for the same by Mr. Shirish Gupta, Founder of Mnemonics Pvt. Ltd. One of the best foreign entrance test prep company. Students were told about the admission process and were given consolation that USA is the only country that provides 100% scholarships so those who wish to seek admission in one of the world’s highly rank universities can apply even though they think they can’t afford it. He also emphasized on the fact that for getting into a good university abroad what matters more than marks is your co-curricular achievements and one’s overall personality. Social Work, what you contribute to society also plays an important role in getting you admission in these top class universities. The most important fact is textual knowledge is limited to certain areas but how aware as human being you are fetches your glories. He in the end shared about our ex students who made it to top universities with scholarships such as Aahansawhneyex student currently studying computer science in UT Dallas, Yuthika and many more examples were discussed to motivate the students.

13th July 2016: Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse and POCSO Act were conducted for 100 students of class 6th and 120 students of class 7th through films powerpoint presentations, case discussions and real life stories in the SUPW Periods.

16th July 2016, SATURDAY Following students were trained by Mrs. AsthaMahajn (Dramatics Club In charge) under the supervision of Mrs. AshishVashishth (Hindi Department) to participate in the Inter School Theatre Competition Mukhaute 2016 at D.P.S. Noida

1. Vitti Joshi 11TH M










Our students did a wonderful play on one of the most famous novel written by SaadatHasanManto “Toba Tek Singh” written in 1955. The story is set two or three years after the 1947 independence, when the governments of India and Pakistan decided to exchange some Muslim, Sikh and Hindu lunatics, and revolves around Bishan Singh, a Sikh inmate of an asylum in Lahore, who is from the town of Toba Tek Singh. As part of the exchange, Bishan Singh is sent under police escort to India, but upon being told that his hometown Toba Tek Singh is in Pakistan, he refuses to go. The story ends with Bishan lying down in the no man's land between the two barbed wire fences: "There, behind barbed wire, was Hindustan. Here, behind the same kind of barbed wire, was Pakistan. In between, on that piece of ground that had no name, lay Toba Tek Singh. The story is a "powerful satire" on the relationship between India and Pakistan. A film based on this play adaptation was also made in 2005 by Afia Nathaniel.

Though our team didn’t win but they were much appreciated by all present and especially the judges who stated that their performance was equally good as the ones who came in the 1st position.

18th July 2016, MONDAY: The child rights project was initiated in the classrooms in SUPW life skills Periods for classes 6th. 7th and 8th .students were oriented with various rights for children and given the child rights flash cards and photo album. They were then prepared for future activities to be conducted. Discussions were held and subgroups were formed.
Also, on 18th July, our Special Educator-Mr. Ehsaan attended the National workshop on Learning Disabilitiesw at India International Centre organized by CBSE Agency Expressions India headed by Dr. JitendraNagpal at MoolchandMedcity. The focus of the workshop was: Innovative practices and curriculum modifications for differently abled children. Various adaptations and modifications were suggested for implementation in classrooms for EWS Students and children with special needs.

19th July 2016, TUESDAY Jamboreeorganized a workshop at Delhi Public School ,Mathura Road informing students of CLASS 12TH (A-F) in their SUPW Periods about various career options further broadening their minds and refining their thoughts in order to get into their dream universities .The students were informed about the emerging opportunities and perks of studying in a foreign university. Students seemed to be more interested when they got to know about the hefty scholarships earned by their seniors.

The workshop undoubtedly cheered up the spirits of students who were not remarkably well at academics but did exceptionally well in co-curricular. The workshop emphasized on the fact that the overall personality of students mattered more than merely high sat scores .Students were glad to know about options on which light was never thrown before and various country options they could choose from.
Students studying in foreign universities not only get variable flexibility of courses but they can even change their institution in case they feel it as a financial burden on their family .One even gets the benefit to change subjects if one feels specific subject is not suitable to their taste which is not possible in India where one needs to choose subjects right at the beginning and change in any subject can only be done when one decides to start over again from the beginning.Moreover the evaluation is comprehensive promising consistency and independence from sole dependence on final exams.
The students were even informed about binding and non-binding universities in case they apply early. They were told about necessary documents required for application form .In the shrinking world only fittest one can survive so one needs to make application presentable, unique and appealing in order to fulfill their dreams. A large number of curious and glittering minds even waited till end in order to clarify their doubts and get counseled even more precisely .Last but not the least consistent and unconditional hardwork is the only key to success was a message laid in the end.

20th July -28th July 2016, WEDNESDAY: Donation Campaign for NGO-Goonj was organized in which children were sensitized towards promoting charity work for the poor and needy by collection of old books and clothes. Posters were displayed and material was collected from students of classes 6th to 8th.

21st July 2016, THURSDAY: 120 students from the Life skills activity during the SUPW Period for class 8th attended the workshop on “Growing Up changes –physical, mental, behavioral, emotional and Adolescent issues related to it.” Students were made to do movie analysis on a film on Anti Bullying. Power Point presentation was carried forward on Smart Board and interactive discussion method was used to impart knowledge on this topic within classrooms further.

21st July 2016, THURSDAY A motivational career counseling workshop was organized for Class 12th commerce students 12th (G-M) in their SUPW periods(8th&9th) by Edumentorwhich is amongst Delhi’s largest Test Prep service providers. Training students for BBA Entrance Test, BBS Entrance Test, IIM-IPM Entrance Test, LAW Entrance Test and all other Undergraduate Entrance Tests of Management, LAW, Hotel Management, BCA, Mass Communication etc.
Main Speaker was –Mr. Ashish Jain
Sr. Faculty Member Edumentor
B.Com(H), DU Topper,
100% in A/Cs, Maths& Statistics.
CFA, All Delhi Topper
MS Finance
Who motivated the students and guided them on choosing the right career path by sharing his personal experiences as a DU Topper. He told students to not choose a course in any college just for the sake of it but know why you want to do that course and what career path it will lead you to. He gave examples of HarshaBhogle-Cricket commentator and journalist , passout from IIM Ahemdabad and many more to motivte the students to excel not because they want to get in good colleges but do good work later in life!

22ND July 2016, FRIDAY Career counseling session for class 10th was organized by Career launchers in their SUPW Periods focusing on Self-awareness and multiple-intelligence role in choosing the right career option or stream after 10th.
In 8th and 9th period a motivational session for class 11th Science (A-F) was held by IIT Pace on why IIT and How to make it there.

25th and 26th July 2016, Monday & Tuesday: 250 students from LIFE SKILLS SUPW ACTIVITY of classes 6th and 7thwere further involved in the Child Rights Project by preparing Charts, Posters, Power Point presentations, Role Plays on the importance of being Aware about the various rights of children and what are these rights why should we know them and where and how should we apply this knowledge further!
Discussions on the same were carried forward after presentations made by students in the class in their SUPW periods.

27th July 2016, WEDNESDAY: School Counselor along with five students selected from class 10th participated in the Mind Smart Peer Educators First Training Workshop conducted by Expressions India at National Science Centre. The students there were divided into 8groups and different topics were given. After group discussions amongst each group students prepared role plays and presentations on various topics covering adolescent issues such as peer pressure, career conflicts self-awareness, relationships issues as well as physical changes during adolescents.

30th July 2016, Saturday: A group of 10 students from class 10th along with the social worker Mrs. Narang visited the NGO Goonj’s Operations and collection center in Madanpur Village of SaritaVihar to handover 20 cartons of old clothes and books for the welfare of underprivileged. They saw the sorting out, repairing section, packaging and dispatch section and interviewed the various women working there. The NGO officers oriented the students about the needs of the poor and tribal areas. The students also bought recycled bags, files and mobile covers from there. It was an overall value based enriching experience for them.

On 1st& 2nd August 2016, Monday & Tuesday: The child rights project was carried forward in classes 6th and 7th in the SUPW Periods where students were oriented with Right to adequate food and clean drinking wateras a right of every child, importance of balanced diet and ill-effects of junk food, deficiency diseases, malnutrition, communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Obesity as well as heart diseases. After class discussion on the above areas students were asked to make posters, power point presentations and role plays on the same.

3rd & 4th August 2016, Wednesday &Thursday: Students of Class 9th (E-I) and Class 8th students in SUPW -Life skills with Theatre, Personality Development and Social Service were shown a movie on ill-effects of Smoking (Tobacco) by Shiv Khera focusing on health hazards, toxic chemicals in these substances which are abused and various life skills that help in saying ‘No’ to Drugs. Interactive discussions on healthy lifestyles, health and happiness, overall wellbeing along with other adolescent issues were taken up in the classroom.

8th & 9th August 2016, Monday & Tuesday: A Child Rights awareness workshop was conducted for 50 students of classes 6th,7th and 8th during SUPW Life skills periods by Senior Advocate of High Court Sonali Malhotra who spoke about Rights of the Children such as Right to Equality, right against discrimination (based on rich, poor, cast, religion, girl-boy), rights against any kind of exploitation-child labour and right to protection against kidnapping of children trafficking and abduction, child sexual abuse, POCSO Act and cyber crimes such as bullying, morphing , hacking on the internet and blackmailing etc. She guided students on various laws against such acts and made students aware about being assertive and voice their opinions and concerns. She emphasized on adolescent education to make the responsible empowered and act maturely with the kind of exposure present today with media and technology.

11th & 12th August 2016, Thursday & Friday: Workshop on Career Opportunities available and a psychometric test of 1 and half hours was conducted by a team of professionals from Aakash Institute for class 8th and 10th. The resource person Mr. Abhishek did a detailed presentation on the need for choosing the right career and discussed various career options with science, humanities and commerce. Lastly scholarship for 5 bright students from class 8th and 10th was offered and nomination forms along with results of the psychometric test conducted were handed over to the class reps and coordinators.

13th August 2016, Saturday: Students from DPS Mathura Road participated in DPS R.K.Puram’s Annual Theatre Festival, THEATRON, There were a total of 3 events that constituted the fest and our students under the guidance of Ms. Astha Mahajan (Teacher Incharge-Dramatics) participated in all the three following events– Street Play, Stage Play, and Face Off. The topic for Street Play was KYA MERA BHARAT MAHAN HAI? and the students for that event were:
Vitti Joshi (XI-M), Devanshi Thakur (XII-F), Ronit Chopra (XII-L), Sanyam Jain (XI-I), AnanyaJha (XI-A), SubhanjanSaha (XII-E), SimranSawhney (XI-I), NishitMathur (X-C), RishabhMehndiratta (IX-A) and Manan Chhabra (IX-I).
The topic for Stage Play was THE MONSTERS AREN’T UNDER OUR BED, THEY LIVE INSIDE OUR HEADS, and the students participating in this event were:
Sonakshi Chaturvedi (XI-L), Khushi Bajaj (XI-L), Jasleen Kaur Allagh (XI-L), Upmanyu A. Magotra (XI-L), Sarthak Arora (XI-I), HrithikJuneja (XI-H), Siddhant Jain (XI-H).
The topic for Face Off were disclosed at the venue only, and the student participating in that event was Aditya Saha (VIII-A), he won the third prize in this competition.
The Festival covered a lot of strong and relevant issues in their distribution of the topics for the events and working to depict the same taught the students a lot. Our school bagged the third position in Face Off, and came back with a lot of learning and new experiences.

15th August 2016- Monday-Independence Day Holiday !!!
16th, 17th , 18TH , 19th August 2016, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
As a part of Child Rights education project, children of class 7th, 8th 9th and 10th in their respective SUPW period for Life skills with theatre, personality development and social service were shown following three short films:
1. Independence Day special film on “Cleanliness with a message that even a little baby understands the importance of cleanliness and doesn’t dirty his/her mother’s lap after getting little mature then why do we litter on our mother earth!. In this film there is a poor child in a Park where young people as well as adults are sitting eating wafers and chatting, he approaches them and they assume he has come to beg give him money but rather he had come to pick the wrappers of wafers they were eating from the ground and put it in the dustbin. The movie doesn’t have any dialogues but emotional expression of making adults realize the importance of cleanliness. It was observed that children got up from their seats and started picking up litter from the ground and putting it in the dustbins after watching this film.
2. Second film was On Rich v/s poor with a beautiful message on child rights-Right to Clean drinking water where a rich boy is shown alongside a poor girl child waking up getting ready for college and school in contrasting environments fill up his water bottle from water purifier where as the poor girls fills up her bottle with only dirty water available to her in slums from a riverside near drainage system. In the end boy exchanges his bottle of clean water and bring smile on the face of the little girl after she drinks clean water given to her by this young boy. The movie ends with a message that every child deserves equal opportunity to blossom in the universe.
3. Last An award winning Documentary-Ambani-The Investor was screened which is a story of a young boy who is studying recycling of waste material in a government school who starts his day by selling the empty bottles of alcohol early morning to a scrap yard brought by his dad a night before and earning 5 rupees from which he rents a cycle goes to a milkman and asks for work, distributes milk and earns more money along with one packet of milk he gets another idea instead of going home he goes to a tea seller and provide him milk and money to make tea for him to sell it goes one street to another and sells tea make more money about 55rupees and goes to buy a New Map of India to replace an old Map placed in the room of his school headmaster. Here also he bargain the Map of MRP-80 and buy it in Rs/-55. After attending his school he goes to replace the old map placed in his headmaster’s office and earns Rs/-80. A beautiful message is written from the Bible on the bulletin board where he places the new map: “IF YOU DO THINGS IN A RIGHT MANNER, I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU”. When he reaches home from school he again thinks of investing the money he earned in the morning by selling out newspapers. He goes to a newspaper vendor where he witnesses all other poor children fighting to take newspaper to sell out on streets, he simply gives the money he earned to the vendor and buys newspaper from him to sell on roads. The newspaper seller Calls him Ambani and compliments him saying that I have been watching you since morning you have been earning and investing money like Ambani-The great Industralist so you can keep some money and take the newspapers at a low cost. The boy smiles and says “Don’t give me extra money give me more work by giving me extra newspapers to sell rather”. The movie comes to a climax showing the young boy saving some money he earned in the whole day after noting down the expenditures as well as contributing some share in the household by giving it to his mother. The young boy at night then switches off the night bulb and replaces it with an oil lamp in the end with a message on saving electricity. The movie ends with a beautiful quote followed by-“Don’t wait for an opportunity, Create an Opportunity like Ambani”.
The children were thrilled and moved after watching this film. Thereafter a group discussion was carried forward on the values and life skills depicted by the main character –the young boy called Ambani in the film. Students were also asked to compare their daily lifestyle with the character of a teenage boy coming from a very poor family with an alcoholic father who proves his way to success through sheer hard-work and determination shown in the movie.

17TH AUGUST 2016, Tuesday: Students from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road along with Ms. Astha Mahajan (Teacher In charge) participated in the Literary Fest organised by Tagore International School, VasantVihar.
A total of eight students, including two for instrumentals participated in Sounds of Silence, which comprised of a dance drama based on a tale or a fable with live music. The students were: Vitti Joshi (XI-M), Jasleen Kaur Allagh (XI-L), Khushi Bajaj (XI-L), Tishya Khanna (XI-B), SimranSawhney (XI-I), MehakDatta (XI-H), Aditya Sehgal (XI-A) and VanshChugh (VIII-E). The fable our school enacted was The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
Three students participated in Verse-e-Style, which had the enactment of a poem. Students participating in this were: SamidhaTewari (XII-F), Devanshi Thakur (XII-F), and AnanyaJha (XI-A). The poem our school enacted was Victims of War by W. Gabriel Dinkha, and they bagged the second prize.
Two students participated in A Flowery Tale, where they were given a book on the spot and they had to weave a story through flower arrangements. Students participating in this were: Gorangi Chawla (XII-E), and Upmanyu A. Magotra (XI-L). The book they were allotted was Game of Thrones.

On 19th August 2016, Friday: Our School counselor Mrs. Astha Mahajan participated in MindSmart Peer Educators 2nd Workshop in series held at the National Science Centre, Delhi which is a unit of the National Council of Science Museums, along with following 10 students as peers educators from class 9TH and 10TH :
1. Tanya Salwan 10th I
2. Bani Kaur 10th I
3. Neha Kapoor 10TH I
4. Nishit Mathur 10TH -C
5. Archita 10TH D
6. Harshita 10th D
7. Mehul 10th I
8. Jayant Suri 10th H
9. Rishabh Medhiratta 9th A
10. Shrishti 10th H
The workshop’s main purpose was to train students from various schools for becoming peer educators and spread awareness on adolescent issues as well as working towards the wellbeing of all in their community, creating a positive environment at their own school.
Students were instructed by a Peer Facilitator from Expression India Team to divide themselves into groups of 10-15 each irrespective of the schools they represented. Different teams were given the task to represent certain topics in the apprised manner. Some of our students had teamed up with a group which had children mostly from DPS Dwarka while some came from DPS Noida and Modern School. We had to represent Cyber Bullying in a pictorial form. First, they wrote down the different stages of cyber bullying and then divided themselves into pairs of two. Each pair chose one topic to draw and represent on paper. Tanya salwan a student participant from 10th I of our school shared the following experience after the workshop:” My partner and I chose the phase where cyber bullying could affect the adolescent’s mind and lead to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Later, our entire group also went on stage and explained the individualistic interpretations of the pictures that we had drawn.
The best part of the workshop was the open house discussions and debates that the organizers initiated between all the invited teachers and students. It was extremely rejuvenating and thrilling to discuss about the issues adolescents go through, be it the discovery of their sexuality or the careers they want to step foot into. Some of the children also discussed about how they had organized some workshops in their own school for their juniors, focusing on specific topics to educate them about. This has encouraged me to think about organizing such workshops in our school too. We could have such open discussions and debates and empower our peers into putting forward their opinions and gaining more knowledge and awareness.
It was an amazing experience for me and has helped me increase my intellect and self awareness as an individual. I’m looking forward to attending their next workshop soon. “- By TANYA SALWAN-(10th I)

Overall, it was a very enriching experience for all the student participants who attended this workshop. They were told to give their feedback and share their experiences after the workshop in written with a future plan of action for their own school which they will be executing after their exams as Peer Educators under the guidance of their Life Skills Teachers.

20TH August 2016, Saturday:
On the occasion of PTM-An Interactive Workshop for Parents on “Early Adolescent Issues” was organized in the K.G. Hall from 9 am - 10:00 a.m.
Around 250 parents of students studying in classes 6th to 8th attended this workshop. The School Principal addressed the gathering by welcoming eminent guest speaker: Dr. Nagpal founder of Expressions India, Sr. Psychiatrist at Moolchand Medicity and a resource person with CBSE. Dr. Nagpal gave a presentation on New Age Parenting and discussed the current scenario and issues with young adolescents with an increase in internet/technology exposure turning into addictions. The parents participated actively in the interactive discussions sharing their childhood experiences, how it was at their time when they were children and how the times are changing now. Many fathers and mothers share their experiences of their childhood and how they have to mold their child rearing practices now with the adolescents of this generation. Both the Vice Principals Mrs Diksha Khera and Mrs. Asha Tuli along with the three school counselors, Mrs Sangeeta Narang, Mrs Astha Mahajan and Ms. Manvi Jaggi was also present and attended the whole programme.
After giving vote of thanks to Dr. Nagpal our Vice Principal Mrs. Asha Tuli addressed the audience which consisted of around 200 parents of students from class 9th and 10th gathered to attend another workshop on choosing the right career option by team of experts from ExtraMarks from 10:00 am till 11:00 am in the school’s M.P.H. , Both the senior school counselors Mrs sangeeta Narang and Mrs Astha Mahajan were also present to answer to the various queries and concerns of parents attending this workshop. The experts from extramarks- Dr. Supriti Dubey and from her team psychologist Ashima gave a presentation as well as shared about their Career Assessment Programme – for which various parents were keen on taking up thus further proposal of conducting the same was discussed with them.
Dr. Supriti, a veteran researcher in the field of psychology, has an eventful experience of 19 years in career counseling, educational training and teaching. A registered guide in the field of Psychology and Management, she has 18 research papers in various national and international journals to her credit. She is a keen painter and her interests include wildlife tourism and spirituality.
Presently, she heads Overseas Study, Career Assessment an SAT preparation. Extramarks Career Assessment Program (CAP) is the most comprehensive career counseling program for students from grade 9 to 12. It is a scientifically designed and approved career guidance program that helps students to decide right stream, course and career selection in accordance with their personality and abilities.
Extramarks CAP is a combination of scientifically developed career counselling test and personalized students counselling by experts. It measures inherent aptitude and unique personality of students through a Psychometric Test.This is an ideal tool to identify the students' strengths. It assists them in selecting the right career by matching their abilities, career preference areas and personality traits.
Students opting for this program take the CAP test, receive a personalized and detailed report card followed by counselling.

CAP Test A form of Psychometric assessment, CAP Test is a standard scientific method used to measure ability, skills and personality traits of an individual and assist them in opting for the right career path. The duration of online psychometric test is 1 hour 7 minutes.


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