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Report on Life Skills, Social Service and Counselling for the year 2020.

In the month of April, students of 8th and 9th were imparted life skills and value education by awaring them of the corona pandemic, its causes for spread, and measures taken to prevent it. Tips were given through Ayush guidelines on how to boost one's immunity, use of sanitisers, maintaining social distance, and use of masks for safety. Students were taught about personal hygiene, hand washing techniques, use of Arogya Setu app for corona detection, sanitising all grocery, vegetables and fruits before storage and staying indoors at home without the entry of any outside help likely to spread the infection.

The students were motivated to eat healthy food and do physical exercise, meditation, yoga or aerobics and to occupy themselves in creative activities like cooking, drawing, sketching, painting, preparing skits and rap songs, poster making on corona safety, mask making, script writing, dancing, singing etc. Students made these presentations during online classes and sharing in class groups where they were appreciated by teachers, parents and friends. It was a great achievement. Some kids painted their furniture and organised hawans, made cakes, snacks, soups, salads and other delicacies. Videos of healthy recipes and corona prevention were shared with them. Students were involved in the household chores like sweeping, mopping, cleaning utensils, laundry etc hence inculcating value for dignity of work and promoting Gender equality.

Awareness on cyber safety and Cyber crime was provided to the students after the incident of Boys Locker room came to be known. They were cautioned about hacking, morphing, blackmailing, cyber bullying, stalking and taught to report any undesirable incident or chat to their parents for necessary action.

In the month of May, some of our teachers, parents and students regularly attended the webinars conducted by Padmashree Dr. K. K. Aggarwal senior cardiologist and President of heart care foundation on topics like. Life after lock down, Role of schools in fighting the pandemic, Reopening of school guidelines, and Promoting mental health in school children.

 On May 16th, a webinar was organised by NGO Goonj director Anshu Gupta on a national forum for the teachers on the topic The role of schools in fighting the pandemic and what lies ahead. Ms Narang and 200 more teachers from all over country participated. It was concluded that the student community could support by donating dry ration, ready made gloves, sanitary pads, old clothes, hygiene products, utensils, cotton fabric for making masks. Students of senior school have been informed to collect material in their own areas and hand over to Goonj in their collection centre. Students have also donated toys, storybooks, coloring books, crayons etc.

31st May to 7th June Our school students participated in the interschool dance competition based on topic New normal life as a part of 1stDigitalCovid 19 Perfect Health Mela organised by Heart Care Foundation. Our school students won laurels and prizes at middle and senior levels. Our dance teacher Suranjana was also selected as judge for college level dance competition in this Mela called Harmony which was inaugurated by health minister Dr Harshvardhan and Dr K. K. Aggarwal.

As a part of Social service work education activity,students of classes 6th,7th and 8th were imparted awarene ss on growing up adolescent changes, child rights, child safety, child sexual abuse, Pocso act, child helpline no1098. They were alerted on Bullying, cyber bullying, cyber crime and taught to practise gender equality and be gender sensitive. They were taught the 10 core lifeskills to be used in their day to day life
.. Students prepared posters, skit and jingles on gender stereotypes, Gender equality and women empowerment.

22nd and 25th June Our students of classes 9th and 11th participated in the digital Mindsmart lifeskills Peer educator leadership training programme along with their teachers Ms Narang and Ms Astha where they were oriented about lifeskills by the CBSE resource person Ms Geeta Malhotra and the Expressions India director Dr Jitendra Nagpal. Students made presentations and role plays which were highly appreciated.

26th May APN News and international centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution presented Legal awareness on  cyber crimes, its impact on children and alternative solutions. Ms Narang was invited as school social worker and counsellor to be a part of the show along with the guest of honour Justice Mr Kurian Joseph former judge supreme Court of India and speakers Mr Pradeep Rai senior advocate and Dr Kanika Seth advocate and cyber law expert,The programme highlighted the types of cyber crimes, and precautions to protect children from cyber abuse. The programme was sent in class groups for awareness in kids and parents.

As a part of B. E. S. T club of Lung Care Foundation of India., our students of 11th class conducted a lot of activities on preventing air pollution and asthma awareness. On 21st August, the culmination and award ceremony took place digitally and r students received certificates and letters of recommendation.

As a part of Art integration activity for 9th and 10th class, students were oriented about SEWA project and socially responsible activities e. g getting associated with NGOs and welfare organisations working for child welfare, elderly, disabled, homeless, shelter homes, animal welfare, charity work, environmental protection. The students were motivated to carry on some welfare activities to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and promote the spirit of volunteerism.

During summer break, the students of social service Council under guidance of Ms Narang organised a webinar for 11th class students on Effective handling of mental health issues in adolescents during covid times. Ms Narang and Ms Astha were a part of webinar which was very successful.

Counselling and Mentoring classes for 8th class students provided them with an opportunity to discuss their academic and behavioural problems, to sharpen their communication skills, to build up their confidence and to use lifeskills to cope up with challenging times. Students were provided with Exam and Study skills, importance of time management, importance of listening, and speaking skills.

As a part of Swachhta programme, students of middle and senior school were motivated to practise high levels of personal hygiene, garbage segregation into dry and wet waste,, maintaining cleanliness of their homes and surroundings.

27th August A webinar on the topic Handling Ragging, Bullying and harassment in schools was organised by Dr Jitendra Nagpal of Expressions India. Archana Thakur the joint secretary of UGC was main guest speaker along with Ameeta Wattal, Principal Springdales school, Sunita Rao principal of DPS Hyderabad and Sudha Acharya. Bullying starts as early as primary school, hence students be educated to respect each other and be confident to go to counsellors for help or use the complaint boxes. The senior peer educators and counsellors must sensitize the students on issues of bullying and child abuse. There should be I Decide club and Chuppi to do club which enable students to be vocal, and to be confident to report any such incident. Group counselling or individual counselling be done. There should be family school partnership to handle bullying issues.

 As a part of counselling and mentoring classes,students were motivated to balance their academic work and hobbies, extracurricular activities to keep them happy and reduce their x anxieties and fears and boredom during prevailing Corona time.

They were provided with Exam and Study skills, to practise through writing, taking short breaks, eating healthy and balanced food, exercising regularly, staying away from gadgets  and focus on online digital learning. They were provided tips on time management and stress management. Students of class 8th were made more aware on corona prevention, on handwashing techniques, improving one's immunity thru healthy food, herbs and spices, right way of wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing., to avoid going to crowded places like malls or markets or parties and outdoor games. Corona guidelines were sent to the students and parents.

On 10th and 11th September, a national conclave on modern education the National education policy was conducted by CBSE and ministry of education highlighting the reforms which would come in the 21st century. It would be experiential learning, more practical, flexible, relating to real life experiences like visits to the museums, village, nature walks, use of laboratories, making projects, games, extra curricular activities like storytelling, role plays, music, art, craft, use of dolls and puppets etc. The learning outcomes would be more important. Mother tongue can be used as a language at pre primary levels and learning should be fun and more activity and play way method based. Regional languages would be promoted. The Holistic report cards be prepared and vocationalisation would become important. Combination and integration of subjects would be possible.

9th October  A webinar was conducted on the topic Investing on Adolescent girls by Sharp NGO. Dr Seema Negi and Dr Shweta Khandelwal frm public health foundation of India, and Dr, Siddharth Waghulkar,. It focused on awaring the girls about the need for iron and folic acid during Adolescence for better health and academic results. We should talk to the girls about the sexual, reproductive and menstrual health.,about the ill effects of junk foods which are so well advertised to affect the adolescent minds. Students need to be made aware of the lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, cardiac disorders, hypertension etc. We need to talk about Anorexia and Bulimia which are eating disorders, about mental health issues like stress, anxieties, fears and phobias, depression, suicidal tendencies and drug abuse. Adolescent nutrition needs to be focused on for prevention of NCDs and prepare them for adulthood, for PCOD and other harmonal disorders and malnutrition issues which are vital for body's functioning.

Both these webinars by Sharp NGO were attended by counsellor Ms Narang.

10th October World mental health day was celebrated wherein our 20 students from classes 6th to 10th participated in the various online competitions like poster making, poetry writing, jingle making organised by Expressions India and won prizes. The topic was mental wellbeing of students during covid times. The students of classes 11th and 12th participated in the National conference of peer educators for Positive mental health and well being, enriching 21st century skills in the context of NEP 2020.

10th October A webinar on the topic Supporting students mental health during covid 19 The life thereafter was organised by Sharp NGO which was attended by counsellor Ms Narang.The resource persons were Ms Rekha Chauhan Sr psychologist, and Dr Kanika Ahuja, associate professor and HOD dept of psychology of Lady Shriram college. It was discussed that in covid times there was lot of stress on the teachers as well as students and it has to be managed well with a positive attitude and the students be made happy and comfortable in the digital classrooms. They should be prepared for  the changing world around them and there has to be open-mindedness for accepting these changes. Life would not be as normal as earlier.

Both these webinars by Sharp NGO were attended by counsellor Ms Narang.

 30th October Ms Narang attended the webinar organised by the Economic Times, Times of India on the topic Self confidence is the key to unlocking the teenage kids potential conducted by Dr. Amit Sachdeva orthodontist, Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, ex actor and Dr Tisca Chopra actor and moderator.. It was concluded that the adolescents require their own space and freedom to make friends, enjoy and be independent but they must be disciplined by the parents. Students must be appreciated for their little achievements by their parents and be shown the path of what is right or wrong. They must be taught to live as happy individuals.

30th October 2020 Ms Narang attended  another webinar in the evening organised by Dr Susan Smith Kuczmarski on the topic Tips for raising the teenagers. This was on real life experiences of the adolescents as at this age they tend to behave awkwardly and parents need to be patient and caring at this age and not dictate their children. There should be no power struggle. They should be given roles and responsibilities to become better human beings.

31st October The students of class 12th Head girl Sachi Jagwan and Head boy Saud Khan along with other members of students Council organised a webinar titled Adjusting to the new normal A Guide. It was organised for students of classes of 6th to 11th with Mrs Narang as key speaker. The areas covered were management of stress and anxiety during covid times, right conduct and behaviour for effective online learning,healthy lifestyle with nutritious food and ample of physical exercise, awareness on cyber safety and Cyber crime, family bonding and interpersonal relationships.

21st November Ms Narang attended a webinar on the Protection of children from sexual offences, Abuse and Trafficking organised by NGO Bhagidari Jan Sahyog Samiti. The resource persons were the legal experts Daya Chaudhary, India Banerjee and Vijay Gaur the principal secretary of Bhagidari. It was highlighted that the children were majorly sexually abused by the close relatives, neighbours, and acquaintances. People must have trust in legal system for rescue and rehabilitation of the victims. Child health groups be formulated and proper counselling must be provided to victims and parents. Parents be alerted on reporting of the cases of child sexual abuse and NGOs like Heal, Taapi, Bhagidari Jan Sahyog may be asked for help. UNODC and UNWG look after girl victims from bihar, orissa, Jharkhand, West bengal. The children are trafficked for begging, prostitution, household chores, illegal organ trade and terrorism. It is important that the parents educate their children about sexuality and child safety, about reporting, about POCSO act. NGOs and corporate homes with their CSR must set up shelter homes for the abused and abandoned. NGO like Swayam works on gender equality, cures the HIV positive and provides creches for children of working mothers. Legal bodies along with NGos have a great role in the welfare of abused.

28th November  A webinar was organised by our school for all the teachers on the New Education Policy 2020.The resource person was  Professor Arjya Majumdar, Dean ofJindal global University and corporate lawyer who awared us that marks are not the only criteria and stereotype streams would be no more relevant. There would be integration of subjects and interdisciplinary approach would be followed. The pedagogy would not be rote way learn learning but Holistic, enquiry based, flexible, scientific, and discovery based, enjoyable. It should be two way learning and should develop curiosity and critical thinking skills.

The education can be made practical through Vocational Training, thru visit to dairy farm, refinery, labs, museum, village side etc. NEP focuses on use of regional languages and about values and ethics. It focuses on Holistic development of students.

28th November A workshop on Precautions during Covid time was conducted by eminent  Pediatric doctors Dr Kukreja, Dr Gupta and other specialists from All India Pediatric association for the students, teachers and parents of our school. They highlighted on regular handwashing, sanitising, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. This disease is more affected in older people above 55 and in persons with comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cardiac issues. People attending festivals and parties, marriages are more prone and people staying indoors in inner circle are safe. One has to build up one's immunity by consuming healthy and nutritious food, taking Vitamins C, D, Zn.and consuming a lot of salads and fruits. Till Vaccine arrives, we should inhale steam regularly, avoid air pollution, and avoid travelling by air.

 Students of classes 6th to 8th were involved in cloth donation drive for Goonj NGO.

The woolen were collected by students as a part of Odah do jindavi and send to collection centres of Goonj in their areas.

1st December was celebrated as World Aids Day and students of class 8th were made aware of HIV and AIDS, its causes and prevention. They made posters and slogans on Say no to HIV and AIDS.

 A poster making competition was organised for students of classes 6th to 10th on the topic Reopening of schools and precautions and suggestions for covid time. The students would be awarded prizes before christmas and their posters on corona awareness would be displayed in the school corridors and classrooms  when the school reopens .

Students of class 8th were given the project on preparing a PPT on their contribution or act of social responsibility and conduct group discussions on these social issues with their peer groups . 

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners. Various games are offered to the students in school, both team and individual, which help in developing courage, determination, self-confidence and team-spirit amongst students. Games/ Activities offered include---Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Table-Tennis, Volleyball, Chess, Tennis, Yoga, and Cricket.

SEWA Activities under different categories covering emotional categories-empathy, social service, leadership qualities, public speaking skills were carried out under the guidance of mentors for students of IX to XII.