The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has passed the order that bursting of firecrackers in the school premises is completely banned. If any student brings or is caught bursting crackers he/she will be expelled from the school.
Congratulations to Sh. V.K.Shunglu, Chairman DPS Society – Padma Bhushan Awardee
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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners. Various games are offered to the students in school, both team and individual, which help in developing courage, determination, self-confidence and team-spirit amongst students. Games/ Activities offered include---Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Table-Tennis, Volleyball, Chess, Tennis, Yoga, and Cricket.

SEWA Activities under different categories covering emotional categories-empathy, social service, leadership qualities, public speaking skills were carried out under the guidance of mentors for students of IX to XII.